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Any antibiotics/eye drop is nursing friendly?

Please help!!! I got possible ear infection and pink eye so I am going to urgent care now to get meds. Please share the name of antibiotics that is nursing friendly. Will eye drop affect milk supply too? I am still 2.5 months short of my breastfeeding goal of one year. LO still enjoys nursing. We are not ready to stop it yet. Thank you in advance!

Re: Any antibiotics/eye drop is nursing friendly?

  • I don't think eye drops will have any affect on supply. Have the dr check to make sure they are okay. There are safe antibiotics to take while still BFeeding.
  • I just took Amoxicillin and a Z-pack myself.
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  • most eye drops do not enter your bloodstream, so i wouldn't worry about the drops at all.

    virtually all oral antibiotics are safe to take while breastfeeding. if you have any doubts, ask your child's pediatrician. many antibiotics are commonly given orally to infants and children, so of course the tiny amount they may absorb through your milk would also be safe. see:
  • My concern is if the the antibiotics will dry up my milk supply. thank you!
  • no, antibiotics will not dry up your supply. antibiotics are commonly prescribed to BFing moms with mastitis.

    avoid decongestants like sudafed, as they can have a "drying up" effect on your milk as well as your mucus, and they could potentially affect your supply.
  • Thank you! I didn't know. Otherwise, I could have gone in earlier.
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