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almost quit but changed my mind. HELP!

We struggled w/ DS gaining weight, so I went to EP'ing to make sure he was getting enough.  I struggled to produce enough & in order to pump what I was I had to pump for 30min each time because of poor let down.  I suspect my poor let down was part of our nursing problem too cause DS used to just scream when I put him to breast in the early days.  I tried a lot of things to increase my supply but with no success.  Recently my freezer stash ran out & we had to start supplementing.  It has been exhausting & stressful trying to pump & very discouraging that I can't make enough.  So I thought to myself "give yourself credit for what you've done & just switch to formula" but after a few days of dropping sessions, I was starting to feel very weepy.  I cried every time I thought about it. I'm not sure if it was a hormonal thing or mental, but I decided I'm not quite ready to give up.  However, my supply is dwindling because of how much I had weaned off the pump.  Work makes it difficult if not impossible to get in the pumping schedule I need to try to increase my supply.  Part of me says I just have to do what I can at home & whatever I get I get, but this stubborn part of me wants to regain what I was producing before.  I know the best thing is to nurse baby but because I EP'd early on & he's had bottles, I don't know if he'll have much interest in nursing.  I don't think he'll have the patience either since he's not going to want to wait 5-10min for a letdown.  Am I crazy to be trying to regain my supply?  Is there really any hope that I might be able to regain a nursing relationship at this point?  I think time is my biggest enemy.  I work FT & have 2 other young children at home.  It seems pretty selfish to put everyone else aside to dedicate all my free time to reestablishing supply and/or nursing.   

Re: almost quit but changed my mind. HELP!

  • I guess I'm having a hard time accepting being able to only do what I can.  I obviously can't make more hours in the day or quit other parts of my life for breastfeeding.  Part of me wishes so much that some miracle would've just fixed everything but I'm going to have to accept things for what they are.  For those that have struggled with supply or nursing, there's just a part of us that feels like we failed even when we tried everything.  even though my support network all tell me I've done such a good job, I don't fully believe it myself.  I think I'm starting to get there though.  

    I'm glad for being able to just put my thoughts on here sometimes.  For whatever reason it seems to help even if there's no "miracle" answer.  Thank you for your thoughts.
  • How old is LO?  You can always try to put him at the breast and see what happens.  Most infants will suck on your finger or knuckle if you put that in their mouths.  I would think you could at least give it a shot and see what happens.  Maybe if you could cut out the pumping you'd have more time for your other kids.  GL with your decision.

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  • As far as your lengthy let down could you pump until let down occurs and then put baby at breast so he gets comfortable with nursing again without getting frustrated at the slow let down?
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