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Hey everyone!  I am new to the Seattle area and just found out I am pregnant with #2.  I need an OBGYN on the East side.  Recommendations? Docs to stay away from?  Any information is greatly appreciated!!


  • I saw DR. Gallagher at Bellegrove OBGYN in Bellevue and she was a dream to work with. Can't say enough great things!
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  • I also go to Bellegrove; Ive only seen Dr. Nuddleman once a few months ago (back when we were trying) and now that I am pregnant i will be continuing with him. I would definitely figure out where you want to give birth and be sure to get a doctor with hospital privileges there! Good luck!
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  • I would recommend Evergreen Women's Care in Kirkland 

  • If you haven't found your doctor yet... I'd highly recommend Jean Dydell at Eastside OBGYN in Kirkland!
  • I had my first at swedish Issaquah with dr kristy Lynn Howard!! She is absolutely amazing!! I cannot say enough good things.
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  • Also love Bellegrove! I'm 22w and they've been amazing.
  • I recommend the Midwifes at Swedish Midwifery and Women's Health in Issaquah. Swedish hospital in Issaquah is the nicest and newest hospital around. I switched to their group at 28 weeks after having a negative experience with Dr. Christine Werner of Overlake OBGYN group. I recommend avoiding Dr. Werner she was very rude, alarmist and told me there was no excuse to not start doing 30 mins of rigorous exercise daily beginning at 7 months, because she thought I had been gaining too much weight even though my blood pressure is healthy and my glucose levels are normal. I'm a first time Mom due in January and I am healthy & active (I carry 20 lb twin babies as a nanny).
  • I had a great experience at Swedish in Issaquah. The nurses were wonderful and the OBs I have been to in the group so far have been some great women. My previous OB, Dr. Kristen Austin is out of the country so we are seeing Dr Souter for this pregnancy instead.

    Oh, and the food is amazing at Swedish. They have a fridge you can raid too if you don't want to wait for room service. And the rooms are really nice., brand new. When I was there there was only one other mommy so we were really treated like we were the only ones there. Oh, and the ER there is great too. Super nice nurses.
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    I am using Swedish Midwifery at Swedish Issaquah. They are great so far and the hospital is really nice. I am due in April.

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