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Those of you on bed rest or not working anymore before you deliver, what reason did the Ob give regarding FMLA? I asked my Ob recently (I'm 30 wks) to let me stay home when I hit 32 weeks or more but he said only a clinical reason (contractions for example) is allowed. I am getting worried about my water breaking at work (that really freaks me out for some reason), I am tired of peeing on myself and feeling miserable at work so I'm curious when you stopped working and what was the reason?
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    Well my water did break at work - it gushed all over the hallway and then the bathroom. It was a mess! It's actually incredibly fortunate that it happened at work (I'll spare the story since it's an extreme and I've shared here before).

    Regarding your question, a lot is going to depend on what your employer will allow you to do. Does your state have STD? Does your employer pay during your leave? Will you be taking time unpaid? FMLA is 12 weeks regardless of when the babies are born. Could you use vacation if your dr is unwilling to write you out of work? Is working from home an option?

    Personally, I started WFH 2x a week after a pre-e dx at 32w. (Babies arrived at 34w). I didn't want to use any of my time off before the babies came. The state where I'm employed offers STD and I took that for 8w (c/s). I took about a week of vacation and the rest unpaid and stayed out a total of 15w. My employer is very flexible.

  • I did not end up using FMLA because I quit when I went on bed rest, but the dr offered to write me out if work for high blood pressure / preeclampsia symptoms at 33 weeks.

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  • I was pulled out of work at 33 weeks due to high blood pressure. I ended up developing pre-eclampsia a couple days before they were born at 36 weeks. I did not want to stop working but then was so glad I was forced to stop! My dr was great though and would have found an excuse to pull me out if I had asked.
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  • I asked my MFM dr for a note at about 29 weeks, she didn't even question it and just wrote on it medical leave due to high risk pregnancy (because of twins). I did have elevated blood pressure , carpel tunnel and my heart rate was always above 110 but she said being pregnant with twins is high risk enough. Just tell him your concerns, I stopped working at 31 weeks and babies arrived at 36 weeks, I think it would have been sooner if I continued to work.
  • I've been out since 27w. I was out for preterm labor & that's what's on my paperwork.

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  • My company allowed FMLA to start anytime during the pregnancy but the clock started ticking then. Have you asked your HR dept? You can also ask for a temp leave of absence unpaid. I went all the way to 37 the day before delivery but I have a desk job.
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  • I was moved to half days because of my GD regimen, rising BP and double sciatica with some SPD symptoms. On the doctors note she just put "pregnancy complications."
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  • I was put on modified bed rest at nearly 30 weeks because I started having contractions after getting a stomach virus.  My OB told me it was time to stop working and I agreed with her, mostly because even on routine nifedipine I'm still having occasional contractions if I don't rest enough.  PS. bed rest is BORING.

    But I'd asked my OB several weeks prior, when I was feeling awesome, when she thought I'd need to stop working and her answer was "whenever you want."  She said she could write me out whenever I felt uncomfortable working.  I'd be surprised your OB would push back at 32 weeks but if he does maybe you can site some part of your job description that you're no longer physically able to perform?  Even most office jobs list a certain weight you have to be able to lift or something like that.  But I think you have a legitimate reason to be ticked off at your OB if he won't accommodate you.  Shoot, around 31 weeks I couldn't even really sit up straight anymore.

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