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Vehicle that can accommodate twins AND a wheelchair?

We have an amazing little princess who is 6 yo. She uses a wheelchair full time because she has Spina Bifida. We decided to expand our family and apparantly we are expanding more than expected!
Thinking ahead to all of the adjustments we are going to have to make I know a new vehicle is going to have to be in the works. Currently I have a Terrain and kiddos wheelchair fits perfect. She has room in her 5pt booster. Add two carriers and a double stroller in the mix and this will not work without a roof rack...
Even then!
Anyone have a similar issue? I've searched with no luck.
Suggestions for a vehicle that accomdates 2 carriers, 5 PT booster, a double stroller and a non folding wheelchair?
Can you fit 3 car seats in a single row?
I hate the thought of one of the babies being in a 3rd row but it's not like my daughter can walk to her chair I have to put her in it and she's nearly 50 lbs.
Oy. So happy but this hitchiker has really complicated things!

Re: Vehicle that can accommodate twins AND a wheelchair?

  • I'm sorry I won't be too much help, but it is very possible to fit three car seats across a single row w the right car and car seats.

    I don't have a minivan, but maybe that could work? Either have all three across the second row and take the third row out for storage or get one w captains chairs and take a captains chair out?

    Idk. There's a FB page called "Car Seats for the Littles" and they may have some knowledge on fitting car seats and wheelchairs.

    Congrats! and sorry I couldn't be more help.

  • I have no experience but you could always check out some dealerships and the sales person should be able to give you advice or tell you how they can manipulate a vehicle to fit your needs.
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  • I have a Honda odyssey and I can fit two infant seats and a britax marathon in the 2nd row. Some models have a wide setting on the second row that makes it easier to fit car seats. If you couldn't for them the 3rd row does a 60/40 split so you could always leave a portion of the seat up for a baby and the other half down for the wheelchair.

    I think a minivan is the only way to go because SUVs typically don't have much storage room when the 3rd row is up. One exception might be the suburban.

    Also some vans/SUVs don't have the top tether on all the seats so that means when babies get into convertibles you may only be able to put them in certain seats.
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  • Regarding the question of 3 car seats in a row- if you google it you should come up with a site with the list of cars that truly have enough space (I want to say it's but I could have it wrong).
    The list isn't all that long- I know it includes the Honda Odyssey which I can recommend as being very versatile (seats flip up/down and can be removed).
    Good luck!
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