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Highs and Lows

As 2014 is coming to an end lets share our highs and our lows of the past year.

Me: 30  DP: 30


IUI#1 9/26/13 BFN

IUI#2 10/26/13 BFP beta #1 99 #2 456

2/20/2014 Brynlee Madeline is taken too soon at 19weeks she was perfect

IUI#3 6/10/14 BFP beta #1 276 beta #2 722 20w A/S shows we are having a girl




Re: Highs and Lows

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  • Highs: the birth of Owen and getting to know our youngest son. Being Kaden & Owens mom everyday. Graduating with my MBA and completing my Capstone project and defense less than a week after Owen was born.

    Lows: Sadly just the ever present worry over finances and drama tied to our house in Roatan. Please let us have some closure in 2015.

    [Deleted User]Danni_GirlATXmommasTwochickshavinachick
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