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I'm 30 weeks and although I've been breathless on/off, tonight is awful. I'm at my wits end - is there anything that you did to feel better, anything to get instant relief and not feel like I ran miles and miles?
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Re: Breathless

  • I am right with you, also 30 weeks. I find I almost make it worse at points by freaking myself out. I literally just have to lay down and calm my breathing! Hang in there!

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  • I remember that. For me, it was Baby B's position and nothing really hekped until he moved. I'd wake up MOTN and just not be able to catch my breath. I'm sorry, it does suck.

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  • I'm 22 weeks (fourth pregnancy, measuring 36 weeks), and I get out of breath randomly too. I find leaning back helps. It seems to take the pressure off my diaphragm.
  • Hang in there!  The last two months is so hard.  You have my empathy, friend!  Try to lay down as much as possible, and enlist whatever help you can to do any physical work at all!
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  • I remember these days. I think I just used a lot of pillows and laid on my side. Pillows under my belly, behind my back, under my knees. When those babies come out it will shock you how much you are able to breathe! It's definitely rough physically, but you can do this!

    As weird as this may sound, and if you are able too- go on your hands and knees if you are really having a hard time. Makes the babies get off your lungs so you are able to catch your breathe? Worked for me when it got really bad.
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