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Natural Delivery?

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I haven't introduced myself to this group yet, but my DH and I want an outside opinion and maybe some different insight to the matter of delivering our babies naturally.

I'm pregnant with triplets, all fraternal (I know it seems like MUD, but trust me), no IVF.  I have always wanted that natural birth and my doctor says that it's not impossible and that she's done it before, only it was about 7 years ago.  Two babies (A & B ) are heads down and one (C) is currently breech, but can turn heads down.  We are grateful for any opinion, whether it be for or against, we just want some outside insight.

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Re: Natural Delivery?

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    Congrats! My BFF from college has spontaneous ID triplet brothers - they're 32 now. Her mom delivered them vaginally and also carried them to 40w (all were head down). That's all of the anecdotes I have about vaginal delivery of trips.

    I wouldn't say it's impossible and a supportive dr is half the battle (the other half being cooperative babies). I have spontaneous di/di twins and I wanted a vag birth very badly. It wasn't in the cards for me (breech a w delivery complications) and it does still bum me out, but everyone is healthy.

  • Whether you're pregnant with a singleton or multiples, you can never 100% predict how you're going to deliver.  If you want to try for vag delivery and your OB is comfortable with it, go for it, but babies flip all the time.  My Baby B was vertex until 37 weeks, and then flipped breech, and my OB wasn't comfortable trying for vag delivery.  It turned out to be a good thing we scheduled the CS, since it wasn't until she got in there that she realized that the baby was practically under my rib cage.  So even if we started a vag birth, we would have had to do a CS anyway.  I can't imagine trying to recover from both.  My CS recovery was fairly quick and easy.

    I thought I would be bummed out by not having a vag birth, but that moment when they pulled the babies out and lifted them up was so emotional and beautiful, I don't even miss it.  What matters is that all 3 of us made it out healthy and I healed really well.  Bonus:  I got to skip all the contractions.  I'm a wimp when it comes to pain.

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  • You need to have a competent doctor that is supportive of it. I know when I had my twins, the OB that saw me that morning told me she would not do a vaginal breech delivery because she wasn't experienced enough. My second (baby b) was born in the breech position by my OB who barely made it to the delivery (baby a was delivered by a nurse). You just never know what will happen and safety should always be priority.
  • For me, first step would be to ask my MFM if there is research on safety of vaginal versus c-section births with triplets. If data is clear that c-section is safer, that's what I would do. If data is inconclusive or favors vaginal birth in certain circumstances (I think this is the case but not sure), I would be sure my MFM was supportive and ask what stars have to align for a vaginal birth to be possible. Then I would leave it to fate. 

    If by "natural" you mean no pain meds, my advice would be to get the epidural. It's going to be like giving birth in Grand Central Station - for the most part you won't be able to move around, get in the tub, etc. except in the very beginning of labor but you can always wait a little bit to have the epi placed - that's what I did with my twins. 

    Good luck to you! 

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  • Triplets with no IVF? That's amazing!! Congrats!! Honestly, I would trust your doctor. The risk of having two naturally and then not having the third co-operate can cause more trauma to them and your body. My friend just had a little girl, and she had planned everything naturally- no drugs, all natural kind of delivery. She ended up having a c-section because the baby was wrapped in the cord. She is happy she had the c-section because it was quick and everyone is healthy.

    Anything can happen during pregnancy. I think whatever is the safest option for you and your little babies is the best option. Good Luck!!
  • My grandmother delivered triplets vaginally. Definitely find an OB who is comfortable with breech delivery, things change and you could need a section, but having a doctor who makes the call based on your current situation is better IMO than one who says section because of multiples. Best of luck infinding a provider you and your husband are confident in. Congratulations on your triplets! :-)
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  • My grandmother delivered triplets vaginally. Definitely find an OB who is comfortable with breech delivery, things change and you could need a section, but having a doctor who makes the call based on your current situation is better IMO than one who says section because of multiples. Best of luck infinding a provider you and your husband are confident in. Congratulations on your triplets! :-)
    You're grandmother is my hero! lol
  • I would trust the opinion of your MFM. I delivered triplets (also fraternal) a year ago by c-section. The MFM told me that for starters, it is difficult to accurately monitor all three babies during labour. When I was on hospital bedrest and having three NST's a day, it was hard enough to get them all on the monitor. Further, if there is trouble after the first baby, if it were just twins, they can get the second baby out quickly if need be, but with three, it could be difficult to get the third baby out safely as well. As much as I wanted the benefits of a vaginal delivery, the risks were not worth it to me. Good luck with your decision.
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    It's triplets!!

  • It's not unheard of. Join some of the triplet FB groups (Mothers of Triplets is one of the big ones.)
    How to tell my boys apart

    The different types of twins and triplets
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  • I have a friend that had spontaneous triplets! She delivered at 27 weeks by c/s due to severe HELLP syndrome.

    Our local pharmacist's wife also had spontaneous triplets and she made it really far-35 or 36 weeks I think and they all weighed around 6lbs.

    If you have a competent/experienced OB and baby A and B are head down, I would also want to try it. Especially if Baby C is the same size (or smaller). Make sure you epidural is in place and just know that you are risking the double whammy.

    My twins were both head down and I had an easy vaginal delivery (with an amazing OB). I am grateful that DS (baby B) was head down because he was SO much bigger than his sister and his head was significantly larger than hers.

    Good luck!

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  • Go with what you think is safe, and listen to your doctor, if you are adamant you can seek another doctors opinion. I delivered my identical twins vaginally, with twin B delivered breech. There were only two doctors willing to let me try, and I got induced because they were both working back to back one day. I successfully did it, all healthy and safe. It only happened because I was determined and pushed back to the doctors because I was positive I wanted to try (pending any medical issues).
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