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An Animal in the Bedroom...

No, I'm not talking about DH. 

I'm talking about DD who has taken grunting and growling to a whole new level and I'm not sure what to do, if anything. DD started grunting a lot the past few days, over the weekend it seemed she found this "eh eh eh eh eh" kind of grunt which seemed to come when she was especially tired or mad. The past three nights have been unreal. 

DD wakes up sometime after 2-3 each night and constantly grunts and grunts REALLY loud. Over the course of 3 nights, I've gotten her up and fed her, changed her, try to let her soothe herself back to sleep, swaddled her, unswaddled her, let her sleep in the crib, RNP, on me, given gas drops - you name it, I think I've tried it. She doesn't cry, just grunts and she seems to be awake. Do I leave her alone and let her grunt her heart out even though I am seriously tempted to put a pillow over my head because it's not the most enjoyable sound, do I keep getting her up and trying to change/feed her (she'll eat and then fall asleep but anywhere from 30m-1hr she's up again grunting)? Or does this seem like another issue? Everything I have read or other's with kids have said it's kind of like a phase. 

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks! 
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Re: An Animal in the Bedroom...

  • My kid doesn't grunt a lot except when she's eating, but she has taken to screeching in a way that is very similar to the fell beasts from lotr.
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  • @emilillies I'm not ready either for her to go to her own room, but even if she did I'd still hear it on the monitor.

    @gallifreygirl I'm hoping screeching is not the next step in her vocabulary!
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  • If she's not actually unhappy I'd probably just leave her be and see if she puts herself back to sleep. But that's why DS2 when into his own room at 6ish weeks - every noise kept me up! Now I only hear him if he's actually fussing/crying on the monitor.

    Pillow over your head might not be a bad idea, though. ;)

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  • DD doesn't grunt at night but this week she's started to do it while breastfeeding. It's the oddest thing. DH came in the room and was laughing about it to the point he wanted to record her lol.

    I agree with PP, if she doesn't seem upset, maybe let her work through it and see if she goes back down on her own.

  • Agree with PP that if baby isn't in distress, just let them be for a while.

    My LO is also a screecher. We call her our Pterodactyl baby. :)

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  • I have a screecher on my hands as well.  She does it randomly in the MOTN when she finds out she doesn't have a boob in her mouth.  She also won't take a pacifier.  FML.

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  • I was all equipped to say yes we let the dog sleep in her bedroom.
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