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Anyone expecting near Dupont?

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I'd love to exchange tips and thoughts with first or experienced moms who are expecting and live near Dupont, and especially with working moms over 35. I'm 6 weeks today and none of my friends with kids live nearby.

Re: Anyone expecting near Dupont?

  • I'm in a similar situation in terms of expecting a baby near Dupont and my friends have delivered in the burbs. Looking for some tips!!
  • @nrl33 well i have no tips but if we hang out here long enough perhaps others will chime in. Where is your OB? My first appointment is at GWU late next week.
  • Hi ladies, I'm in Cleveland Park, delivering at Sibley. Most of my friends who've had babies are in Silver Spring or Alexandria. We are hoping to stay in the city for a little while, but feeling a little lost as all the advice is coming from the suburbs. I'm due in June. Have you figured anything out since September? I know this post is a few months old. Thanks! 
  • Hi @JuneBabyH! Sorry for the super late reply. I'm still at GWU. Friends who have delivered at Sibley have had a good experience!  There is a forum on with some specific info.

  • Hi! I just delivered at gtown and loved it. It's a baby friendly hospital and the staff are amazing.
  • Thanks @elm2110 and congratulations!
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