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Twins switching places at 33 weeks

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Wondering if any ladies had this happen towards the end...

Went for Growth scan yesterday and my babies (di/di) switched places with oneanother... MFM said it can happen but not often at this late of date.   I knew I had a ton of movement last week and I thought maybe one had turned head down but this seemed a bit odd.  Now baby b is down closest to my cervix (breech) and baby a moved up and is transverse.  I am having a c section so position is not a huge deal.  Just wondering who will be born first.  They have a weight differential so I think we be able to tell who is who still no matter what.  It was quite the confusing scan!  Now I have no idea which baby is kicking me.
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Re: Twins switching places at 33 weeks

  • I was told with a C-section, the one born first is whoever the OB can get to first.  I knew my baby A was on my left, and my baby B was on my right, so during the c-section I just asked my nurse and my husband to remind me to ask the OB which side he was grabbing from.  My baby A ended up being baby A after birth, too.
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  • I'm not sure if my babies switched places, or their labels just changed. Until 32 weeks, baby A had been the one on my right. Then at 32w, the MFM started calling the baby on my left baby A! I was so confused. I don't think they flipped positions, just that the baby on the left ended up closer to the exit. Then at 35w, they were both head down and at the exact same station, so now there's no telling who will be born first. So confusing!
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  • Switching places was my only hope for a vag delivery. I was hoping B would displace A bc B tended to be head down but A had been breech forever. Didn't happen that way, though. A's bum was wedged way down in there.

    It is true that whoever comes out first is A, regardless of how they were labeled in utero. My baby A was in distress, so he had to come out first.

  • Mine switched! Baby "A" was born 2nd :) I had to make sure they knew that the baby on left was named "Rylee" and baby on right "Madi" - that was very important for me!

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