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Baby Carrier post shoulder surgery

Hey Bump Moms.

I am looking or some advise. I will be having shoulder surgery shoulder about two months post baby (EDD is June 22/15) and am looking at carriers.

The key to this carrier is it has to be a) easy to get on/off as I will not be able to stretch my arm over my head for 6 weeks post surgery and b) comfortable on shoulders/back for obvious reasons. Realistically I won't be using it during the recovery immediately after surgery but as I am not a rookie to a bum shoulder - I know that even after that its still going to be an issue for a while.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be wonderful.

Thanks Ladies (and some Gents)

Re: Baby Carrier post shoulder surgery

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    I would post this on the attachment parenting board.  Lots of ladies there are familiar with a wide variety of wraps/carriers. Good luck!
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  • thanks! I will do just that!
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