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Potty Training

Just a vent

Going into our 5th month of potty training...

We have had a handful of accident free days.  Now I am picky when I say accident free - no dribbles, one pair of panties day.  Poop we have very little luck with.  I celebrate the you know what out of it when it does happen but it is still more often in her panties.  Still wakes up soaked with  naps and overnight so she wears a pull-up and diaper respectively.  I was hoping that she would be at least day trained by the time she is 3.5 in December but it doesn't look like it yet. 

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Re: Just a vent

  • we just keep swimming along and crossing fingers
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  • I feel for ya! I keep worrying that mine will never potty train, or talk on time. Honestly, it will happen. It's a very frustrating wait, but kids can be stubborn!
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  • We've been at it for nearly 6 months now.  We've had only a few poops on the potty and I am tired of washing poop out of panties.  We couldn't sign her up for preschool this year because she wasn't potty trained.  It's so frustrating and I am feeling so discouraged some times.
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  • Mine is very good when we are out of the house but if we are home then she has no desire to use the potty. She is just turned 3.5 but I was hoping that it would click by now and she would want to use the potty all the time. I have tried rewards, sticker, m&m, small toys but nothing seems to help. The girls have made fun at her at dance class the other day but it didn't seem to faze her. So frustrating.

  • 9 months in and I see no end in sight.  We have had to start taking toys away if she has an accident - either pee or poop - because she's not paying attention.  She gets one back for a poop in the potty (as well as a bunch of rewards) or a perfect day.  I hate doing this.  I applied for preschool in sept and I am crossing my fingers that she would have it by then.
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