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***KU PAL Check In 12/8***

Good morning, ladies! Since @PugLife5869‌ is currently enjoying her newborn squish, I will be taking over the check-in. If you have ideas for new questions or QOTW, I'd love to hear them!

1. What is your EDD/how far along are you?

2. How have you been feeling this week?

3. Any big appointments or milestones?

4. Highlights or struggles of the week?

5. QOTW: What is your favorite holiday movie?

6. Share a bump pic, if you'd like!
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Re: ***KU PAL Check In 12/8***

  • Congrats @PugLife5869 !!! And many thanks to @kikicohen for taking over!

    @mamalamb10 Glad your appointment went well!

    1. What is your EDD/how far along are you? 1/25/15 - 33 weeks

    2. How have you been feeling this week? Exhausted.  Been having Braxton Hicks regularly - about 1 an hour for a few days.  I'm keeping a close eye on them and if they start happening more often, I'll be putting in a call to my OB.

    3. Any big appointments or milestones? Nothing this week... just have to do some bloodwork.  

    4. Highlights or struggles of the week? Went to a craft fair yesterday with my MIL and her brother - made $84! In total, we brought home over $1K, and considering I only had crocheted stuff - hats, scarves, etc., I think I did pretty well.  I'm looking into making a few other things for our next show in March, since crocheted stuff doesn't sell all that well when it's not cold out.  Took maternity photos Saturday morning with the family.  Hoping to see some sneak peeks soon!  I've struggled with sleep lately - getting up to pee, them I'm too hot, then too cold, then stiff from laying this way, etc... I just want to sleep more than a couple hours at a time.  Also, came home from my company Christmas party on Saturday night (we'd been gone all day for Maternity photos, too) and found warm milk in my refrigerator.  I could have left it out on the counter and it would have been cooler than it was... ugh...

    5. QOTW: What is your favorite holiday movie? I don't really have a favorite but I really love The Grinch (the non-animated one) The Santa Clause and Rudolph

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  • misternmissmisternmiss member
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    Yay @mamalamb10‌ for a great appointment. So sorry you're still feeling lousy. I agree, trying to care for a toddler when you don't feel good 24/7 is so hard! I stay home with C and care for a neighbor's little boy during the day, so it was doubling exhausting. I hope your sickness passes soon!

    And to answer your question, early on this time around I started feeling huge WAY earlier than with C. But then it went away for a while, so it must have been some major bloat. Now that I'm 20 weeks, I only feel slightly bigger than I was at this point with C. (I got my BFP 3 days after C's first bday)

    1. What is your EDD/how far along are you? 20 weeks this week!

    2. How have you been feeling this week?
    Overall, I feel good. I've been having a lot of soreness in my tailbone/pelvic region. I feel like it's too early for this, but I'm sure it has something to do with lifting 2 20lb kiddos all day. Also, I feel like this baby is sitting up higher than Cole did. My lungs already feel squished, so I get out of breath quicker. And I have heartburn much more frequently because I feel like my food just sits way up high in my stomach. I'll take these symptoms over morning sickness any day, though! (Sorry @mamalamb10‌ !)

    3. Any big appointments or milestones? This week Friday is the A/S!!! We will be finding out this baby's sex and I just can't wait! We've decided to have the tech write the sex down and seal it in an envelope. After our appt, we'll stop at this cute cupcake place and ask them to open the envelope & give us a cupcake with pink frosting if it says girl and blue for boy and put it in a box to take home. When we get home, we'll open the box together with C and all get surprised together! :)

    4. Highlights or struggles of the week?
    Highlights: I could feel baby move from the outside last night! But DH was sleeping already. Fortunately the baby decided to do some more kicking this morning and DH was able to feel it right before he left for work. I think it's FINALLY starting to feel more real for him.
    Struggles: DH was OOT for work last week for 3 days and I really struggled with balancing everything on my own. Next week he will be OOT again for 4 days, so I'm hoping we can plan and prepare better to make it easier on me. (prepping meals in advance, getting all the laundry done before he goes, etc)

    5. QOTW: What is your favorite holiday movie?

    6. Share a bump pic, if you'd like!

    I finally took a bump pic!

    ETA: a few details I forgot. And an apology for my sideways pic. :(
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  • @mamalamb10 Yay for a good appt and for finally having a due date!  I spend a lot of my time on the couch and in the bathroom too.  It sucks!

    @MoreThanSparrows08 Wow! I wish I was crafty!  My Mom and I go to shop at craft shows all the time and I think it would be awesome to be a vendor.  I would also love to have my own Etsy shop, but alas, most of the crafty genes in my family went to my one aunt.

    @misternmiss Good luck at your A/S!  I love the cupcake idea.  

  • 1. What is your EDD/how far along are you? June 25th/11w4d

    2. How have you been feeling this week? Betterish.  I actually went puke free from the day after Thanksgiving until yesterday.  I'm having a lot of pain in my hips and in my left shoulder and neck region, so I made a chiropractor's appt for tonight.  Hopefully that will take care of it.

    3. Any big appointments or milestones?  Nope.  My first appt with MFM and 1st tri screening is December 16th and then I have another OB appt on the 19th.

    4. Highlights or struggles of the week? Not getting sick for so long was definitely a highlight!  I was really sad to break my streak last night lol  In non-pregnancy related things, we took P to see Santa on Saturday and he did great!  I was fully anticipating him crying and having a meltdown, but I was wrong!

    5. QOTW: What is your favorite holiday movie?  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for sure.  @mamalamb10 your DH has great taste!

    6. Share a bump pic, if you'd like!  I really need to do this.  I went to a family member's baby shower over the weekend and there were three bumps there.  I kinda wanted to ask for a picture (we're all in the same family, so not like strangers lol) of the three of us, but felt stupid asking so I didn't.  We were 11ish weeks, 26ish weeks, and the guest of honor was 30ish weeks.
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  • 1. What is your EDD/how far along are you? 34+4

    2. How have you been feeling this week? Very sore! My hips and pelvis have been hurting so bad that I have trouble rolling over in bed, standing up and walking. Working has been difficult with the pain, but I am really trying to fight through it. My BHs have also been pretty bad as well. I don't know why, but I seem to get them every time DSL wants to be picked up. An almost 2 year old definately does not understand that he needs to wait a minute or two for mom to pick him up.

    3. Any big appointments or milestones? Next appointment in Monday, then weekly appointments.

    4. Highlights or struggles of the week?
    Highlights: We decorated for Christmas this weekend and DS is "sort of" getting it. We have a Melissa and Doug nativity for DS (this hopefully distracts him from our expensive one). He picks up Mary and says Mommy, then Joseph and says daddy, then Jesus and says baby. We always do a birthday cake in Christmas for Jesus' birthday and when we ask who's birthday is on Christmas, he says baby. It's cute!

    Struggles: We had a scare this past week when we found out that my cousins unit was attacked in Afganistan. 1 soldier was killed and 8 were injured. Special Forces (Green Barets) are very small units, so this is devastating. It took about 48 hours to find out that my cousin was okay, but it has obviously a devastating and emotional week. His wife is home with a 2 year old and due in January. I just can not imagine the stress she is feeling! We are all holding our breath until he comes home (probably not until the summer).

    5. QOTW: What is your favorite holiday movie? My favorite holiday is an old movie called The Bells of Saint Mary's. It isn't necessarily a Christmas movie, but it is only played in December.

    @PugLife5869‌ - I hope you are enjoying your little man. He is adorable!

    @KikiCohen‌ - Thanks for taking over the check-in, and YAY for for feeling better!

    @mamalamb10‌ - YAY for a good appointment! I hope you feel better soon. Just to put some humor in m/s with a toddler, DS used to slam the toilet lid in my head as I was throwing up. He also thought it was funny to flush the toilet while I was slumped over the toilet. I just had to laugh at it.

    @MoreThanSparrows08‌ - WOW on your craft fair earnings! That's impressive. I love to crochet, but definately don't make enough to to sell.

    @misternmiss‌ - Sending good vibes for a wonderful A/S on Friday. YAY for feeling outside movement.

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  • @Mom2AnAngel2 How scary!  I'm glad your cousin is okay.  My cousin is almost done with his training to be in the National Guard and I'm surprised at how much I'm already worrying about him.  
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