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2nd Trimester

Ouch my aching lady bits (possibly TMI)

Hey ladies. I don't post very often -- but thought this may be a good place to get some feedback. I'm 21 weeks (due April 11) and have noticed now that within the past few weeks my lady parts are extremely sore after DH and I do the deed. Sometimes there is some pain associated with sex - but minor and just feels like DH is poking something wrong (tmi - I'm sorry!). But afterwards (everytime) my vag aches like crazy for a good half hour or so. Anyone else have anything like this going on?

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Re: Ouch my aching lady bits (possibly TMI)

  • It's because of the increased blood flow down there. It sucks but there's really nothing you can do to help it. It had nothing to do with lubrication.
  • This also happens to me.. with this pregnancy I am not quite so much in the mood but as the husband likes to makes the moves and 'pre-heat the oven' as we say around here :) I will almost always give in but in the end I am also left feeling great yet in pain..  I just lay down after I shower for a while and wait till the pain subsides .. I thinks its also the kind of sex your having maybe you can try different positions and softer 'strokes'..lol..

    Good luck with the lady bits :p

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