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We did the deed. But it made me emotional. I was sad afterwards. I guess when you get pregnant it brings on a whole new meaning. However, we aren't cleared yet to start ttc and I think that had a lot to do with it. Has anyone experienced this or felt this way after your loss?

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  • Yes- I cried.  The second time felt more "back to normal" but the first time was difficult emotionally.

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    DS born 11/2012

    BFP 7/26/14, Missed M/C at 8 weeks, discovered at 10 wks, 6 days, D&C 9/22/14, Dx: Partial molar pregnancy

  • I also cried and felt very sad the first time. You aren't weird :) *hug
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  • I am not allowed to have sex until 4 weeks after the surgery. I can't put anything inside me including tampons. I expect it's going to be so weird after all that time and the trauma.

  • Not with sex, but when my period comes. I'm pissed, sad, disappointed... Etc.
  • I didn't actually cry but I felt weird and numb the first time we had sex afterward.  After the first few times it was more normal.
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    Saw heartbeat 12/29.  Please be a rainbow.
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  • Hey hun, I felt the same. It was weird and I wasn't 100% into it. It get's better after a couple of times.
  • Thank you ladies! Sorry I didn't respond sooner it's been a busy couple of days! The first time I was emotional but now after the second time I'm having some cramping it's tender where my ovaries would be so I'm kind of paranoid and I'm not even really sure I'm emotionally ready for sex. My doctor did a pelvic exam and said everything felt good so maybe I'm just being crazy.
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