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I feel miserable. What would you do?

As some of you may know, I've had 3 failed cycles since May.  The last was in August with a second fresh DE cycle.  We have 4 blasts remaining, and my husband is anxious to just move through the process and get on with our lives.  I've been waiting since September for my RE to return to the country to cycle.  I started meds finally late last month, and everything was set (lining was perfect, etc.) to have my transfer tomorrow.  I got a call today from my RE's coordinator stating that they had to cancel the transfer as my RE had some health issues.  He had no back up to perform the transfer; the embryologist actually found someone at the last minute, but then the surgical facility couldn't accommodate me.  I'm very disappointed, I wasted $$ on delestrogen (~ $300) for preparation, not to mention putting my body on these hormones completely unnecessarily.  I could handle getting cancelled if I was not responding, etc., but everything was perfect and set from my end.  This has nothing to do with me at all.  In all my years on the boards, I've never seen anyone encounter an issue like this.

So, as of today I am stopping all medications.  I have an appointment with Dr. KK in 2 weeks; I'm sure I'll start bleeding right before this and I'll have to cancel that, too.  I've been waiting since August.  I called today and they will not do the ultrasound if I am bleeding.  Their next appointment if I reschedule isn't until late February.

Maybe this is the universe's way of telling me just to stop all of this and be content with what I have.  I don't know, I just feel pretty miserable.  Just wanted folks opinions on how they would proceed in my shoes.  Should I start searching for an RE at a huge clinic (like FCI, here in the Chicago area) and move my blasts?  What do I even say to my current RE about this?

Thanks, ladies, and sorry to whine/vent.  No one IRL knows that we are going through this so I don't have much of an outlet.

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Re: I feel miserable. What would you do?

  • I agree with TRexsMum, that is crazy that they canceled and had no back up plan.  They should be responsible for the cost, but don't give up.  I would also look for a new RE and I am sorry that the RE is having health issues but that is not an excuse to cancel your cycle.  Coming from the adoption world I had to fire one lawyer because she made gross negligent mistakes on my first failed adoption. My replacement lawyer informed me that the original was having health issues.  Not sure why I needed to know that and didn't help the fact that she made the mistakes that cost us 1000's of dollars and no baby.  We did get her to pay us back some of the money we lost, but if someone is having health issues with no back up they shouldn't have agreed to work with you in the first place or should have said something sooner than the day before your procedure.  Hang in there and try to have a happy turkey day.

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  • Oh, dear. I can imagine how hurt, angry and frustrated this must feel. I would say to take some time and get refreshed before you decide. IVF is hard and the drugs suck, not sure how much I could take. (I have had my days!) But if there is a chance at a baby, with 4 blasts that is a great chance, I say keep going.

    Personally, I would strongly recommend considering a larger group.

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  • Wow, just wow. I am so sorry they put you through all that. I personally would consider moving the last of your blast to another RE, and just explain that you understand health issues arise but you also have your own timeline you are working with and that you are not comfortable trying again and being out more money if they cancel again. Just my two cents.  

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  • Wow! I agree with the other posters and just wanted to say how sorry I am.
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  • So sorry you are going through this.  I hope everything works out with whatever you decide.  About the $, I would definitely request a refund.  This was no fault of your own.  Good luck to you.


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    DE FET #3 in December- Cancelled, didn't respond to meds

    DE FET #3 (2nd try) 2/13/15- Transferred 1 4BB and 1 4BA 5 day embryos Beta 2/23/15  BFN again (CP)

    DE FET #4 - last 2 frosties....5/22/15- Transferred 1 4BA embryo...only one frostie thawed properly.  Beta scheduled for 6/1-  BFN (beta 2, 2.81, 6, 23, 49.4) 6/15/15 Discovered ectopic in left tube.  Methotrexate given. Moving on to a new donor. Hoping to transfer by the end of the year.

    Cant find a donor that is healthy and available.  Looking at being happy with just the two of us.


  • Wow that is crazy. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Others have given great advice. Big huge hugs...good luck. Hoping they at least reimburse you. I'm just shaking my head at all of this :(

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  • OMG! That *is* unheard of... how crappy of your clinic to cancel you. How is it possible that they don't have a back-up system in place?! I'd be irate. That is just NOT ok. I'm so sorry!!

    As far as your Dr. KK appointment, DON'T CANCEL IT!!! I know you're not supposed to have any menses, but put those meds to use so that you don't get your period! I know this probably sounds crazy, but what if you started taking progesterone now through your appointment in two weeks to ensure that you won't have your period? I know of others on the boards who have done that, and I personally went on BCPs to make sure I wouldn't get my period. That in itself is so frustrating (that they schedule you 4-5 months out and say, yeah, btw, you can't have your period, mmm kay?). I spent ALL SUMMER doubting my decision and thinking about canceling my Dr. KK appointment. I am so glad I didn't... I would have never known that I was walking around with an autoimmune disease (or I would have discovered this years later). 

    Girlfriend, I feel your pain so much... after TTC for nearly 3 years, 1-1/2 of those years very actively cycling with the RE and now RI... even the littlest setback can be disappointing. But when they all come at once, it's overwhelming. It is NOT a sign that you should give up. It's just a sign that you need to take a step back and take care of yourself. You deserve this. You started this journey because you simply wanted to have a baby. Keep going, don't give up. But take breaks when you need them, and lean on us for support <3 

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