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We got a second opinion today with another psych and she (and her doctorate student) were 100% on board with an ADHD diagnosis to complement the ASD. They want to try 1 mg Intuiv and see how it affects his anxiety- and possibly add another med, I forget which, if his anxiety doesn't dial down with just the Intuiv.

Good bad or ugly? Experiences? She mentioned extreme sleepiness. DS is 6 and in first grade. This is a great time to start it (Friday night), especially with only two days of school next week.

Re: Intuiv?

  • Interesting. She mentioned the that she tries to avoid stimulants for the youngest set. When did your son start stimulants? She said SSRI's will be the next step to add with the Intuiv but she wants to see what this does first. And she did warn of massive sleepiness but said it wears off after a couple weeks. She gave me the Vandy to give to his teachers to asses before we start, and then again after two weeks, to gauge effectiveness.
  •  The former psych said anxiety with a dash of ADHD, this one is saying ADHD with anxiety. She said she's seeing him be impulsive in his answering, like he'll answer a question before she finishes talking. And he talks absolutely nonstop and asks all these questions that he often won't wait for the answers. The other psych saw this too on the IQ testing. For us, I'm more focused on the behaviors. This week I chaperoned a class bowling field trip.  Every single freakin time the kid threw the bowling ball he'd melt down in a fit of tears because he didn't knock them all down. The kids in his class avoid him like the plague. His academics are going downhill. With the exception of math and reading, which he likes, he is refusing to do anything. He moves nonstop (I had mom goggles on with that one, but he's like a pogo stick and has amped up his pacing in the house). The other night he had a massive meltdown when I told him he had to have "vegetables" for dinner- once I reassured him it was "corn", he was like, oh, whoops, ok. Then he got mad and stomped his foot and told me I was making his autism worse because I'm not specific enough. He's starting to lunge at me when he gets really mad like he's stopping himself from hitting me- sometimes he'll grab my arm and "growl"- this is new.

    She wants me to give the teachers a heads up so they can gauge the difference. I think his teachers are pretty spot on so I'll probably try it. But next week at Thanksgiving maybe I'll withhold from my parents and get their reaction.

    I'm willing to try it out and see what happens. TBH- the best thing that came of this is that I feel 1000% better about this practice rather than the last one. The last place we could only see a mental health therapist, this is a psychiatrist, and she's got a student tag teaming with her who was a male and awesome with DS.

  • @loislayn I will say that we started my son this weekend and it has been fine so far. It was scary giving it to him the first time. I expected head to start spinning around or something. But it hardly affected his sleep at all (and I would have been happy if he wanted to go to bed earlier or sleep in a little!). If there has been a change in him thus far it is subtle. We managed an entire long Thanksgiving stockup trip to the grocery store with just one little outburst at the end, so I do believe the change is positive. He has a tendency to hop, stomp, skip, and prance around the house a lot, I didn't see much of that this weekend either.  It didn't improve his anxiety at all; he still melted down crying over his usual triggers.

    My husband was most hesitant to try it, I just told him that nothing is permanent, we're just starting with a 2 week trial.

  • DS tried it and it did not benefit him at all.  It made him crazy sleepy and gave him really bad abdominal pain.

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