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Best carrier on airplane for 1-2 month old?


Any thoughts/advice on the best carrier for a 1-2 month old on the airplane?  I have a moby and ergo, but I feel like the moby is too much fabric and the ergo will be way too big and bulky for such a little baby.


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Re: Best carrier on airplane for 1-2 month old?

  • I flew when DD was 3m, and used a stretchy wrap (not a moby, but similar). It wasn't too bulky, and kept us both warm on the flight!
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  • I just flew across country with my 3 week now one month old DD. We used the maya sling wrap and it was a life savor! It made it really easy to slip on in the seat and wearing my DD on the flight was amazing! Since we had an overnight flight so it was great not having to hold her all the time!
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  • I flew when my daughter was 2 months and we used a ring sling. It was the best decision ever! She slept the entire time.
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  • I don't know if it's the best as I have nothing to compare it to but used a snuggli (probably quite old - got it at a consignment shop for 8 bucks) when flew when DD was 4.5 and 5.5 weeks old and it worked very well - no metal so went through security and lightweight/not bulky which is good in the cramped seat. Couldn't nurse her in it - a carrier that allowed nursing would have been even better - but otherwise it was great.

    Sadly she's getting too tall for it now - no head support when she sleeps. Have to find something for longer trip coming up when she'll be 9 months old.
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  • Just wanted to share that you mums are so courageous to travel just like that with the baby! It's a mind-blowing experience for me even to read all your posts. 
  • When she was that teeny, I liked using a stretchy wrap because I could just take her in and out, and leave it tied. Plus it was warm on a chilly plane.
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