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Private Houston Board invite?

Hi, could someone please send me an invite to the private Houston board? Thank you!

Re: Private Houston Board invite?

  • Me too please!
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  • Me as well, please?
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  • Me too, please!
  • Please add me , as well!
  • I would love an invite as well, please!
  • DecDDecD
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    Could I have an invitation too, please?  Thanks!
  • ntipntip
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    Me too, please.
  • I would also like an invite as well please.
  • I would like an invite as well, please! 
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  • So I was about to request the same, but took a look at the last time the invitation was distributed by the user - it was over a year ago! Unfortunately, it seems this board has been deserted by many of the previous Houston Moms for good. But the good news is, it seems like there are enough of us interested in collaborating that we can bring this board back! As a new Houston mom, I know I'm on board! 

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  • @nikkisun54‌ I'd be interested in being more active here too!
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  • @nikkisun54 I would be interested as well. I am a first time mom and the first of my group of friends to have a baby. I would love to interact more with Houston moms :)

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  • @nikkisun54 I would love to be a part of a private Houston board. 
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