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Epidural or not to Epidural

When someone wants to go med free while delivering is it all meds? The first time I gave birth the epidural wore off and half of me was numb and half of me felt everything. Is there more drugs to be concerned about? My nurses didn't explain, my doctor didn't explain, it was just happening. The nurses were rude and thought I was a 'ghetto mom; and since I was 26 at the time I should have already had 4 kids. I guess it has to do with where I live. That is another story...

 But has anyone gone med free? Was it scary? Was it all that bad? I'm 34, this is my last baby and I want to try it.

Re: Epidural or not to Epidural

  • I've gone epidural free with both of my deliveries....the second one they gave me something through the IV that was supposed to help a little.  It really didn't do much.  It did ease things enough for me to catch my breathe and re-focus, but it wasn't worth it.

    So, yes, there are other meds besides the epidural but it all depends on your hospital/doctor.  So i'd check with both to see what other options you may have.

    I'm not going to lie, each delivery was a bit of a whirl wind and slightly scary (i had an "oh shit" moment both times), but I also got past it both times and realized my body was meant to do this and that I just needed to trust my body to get the job done.  Was it painful, yes.  was it tolerable, yes.  will i go med free again, yes.

    If you want to go med free i'd highly recommend reading a book or going to a class that can help you and your partner prepare for everything.  My partner read "the birthing partner" and it seems to help get him in the right perspective of just being supportive through the whole thing and trying to help me remain calm.
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