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I have never posted here but I am at a loss for what I should do.  I have a 21 mth old DD and a 31 month old foster son and have opposite potty training issues with each.

DD (21 mths)- She asks to poop and go "tee tee" and is generally doing pretty well. She pees and poops in the potty but does require help pulling pull up / pants up and down. She is also really tiny and I have one of the rings that fit inside the toilet seat so we sit her up there and she will say when she is "all done". Still pees in her diaper a fair amount but with very little effort on our part she seems to be getting it. The problem: Daycare does not potty train until they move up to the 2s room and she will not be 2 until February. I hate that we can not be consistent with her right now because I honestly think with some encouragement she could get it.

DS: Absolutely does not ever has not ever pooped in the potty. I can make him sit there and he will get off and poop in his pants. He also still pees in his diaper / pullup but he will at least do that on the potty to. He is just not what point would this concern you? I can't make him go and he is not a predictable pooper so to this rate I do not think he is EVER going to be out of diapers :-(

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  • I'm going to sound kind of snotty here but I don't really see an issue with either child.  

    Your DD is still really young so I would just keep encouraging her but not sweat it.  When she turns 2 (which will be here before you know it) she should be able to transition to underwear full time pretty easily.  

    Your DS is only 2.5.  That is also quite young to be concerned about this.  The average age for potty training for boys is over 3.  I would continue to offer him time to use the potty and also occasionally wear underwear around the house to get a feel for it.  But he doesn't sound ready.  Take a step back and just kind of follow his lead.  It's causing you and probably him undue stress to be concerned about this now.  I think most pedis are concerned if they are not potty trained by 4.  
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  • I concur with the info above. However, will DC make an exception since it sounds like your daughter is ready? Does her room have access to a potty? With your son, boys are statistically later than girls, and genetics do play a part in what age they have control over their systems. I don't think he's being defiant or purposely not getting it. It sounds like he may just be really unaware and not ready. Also, depending on how he came to be in the fostering system, he may have issues that will slow down this development. I think you should use lots of positive encouragement and be low key. I promise, he won't go to kindergarten in diapers!
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