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What are some natural ways to get the whole process started?

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  • I have had a pinched nerve for 4 weeks and it keeps getting worse. I can not do anything, my mom has to help me go to the bathroom. The doctors say it should go away when the baby is born. I just want to do my research on what natural ways there are to induce so i can look farther into it and ask my doctor if its an option for me
  • Baby only comes when he/she is ready.

    Hope you feel relief sooner then later though!
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  • I Am 35 weeks that is why im looking into it now so i have time to really do my homework and talk to my doctor.
  • I'm sure you're in pain, OP, but it's pretty selfish to think of having your baby come early so you can be more comfortable. Plus, good luck finding a doctor who will induce you or give you a CS because you hurt.
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  • Damn I thought you were going to say you're 39 weeks or more. What you should be asking for are natural pain relief methods. Like a heating pad on your butt or back. There are also several stretches you can look up online for sciatic nerve pain. I had a very bad swollen foot and could barely walk back in October but I didn't ask my Dr how to make the baby come early. Be patient and stay off your feet.

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  • Omg wow people read im doing RESEARCH at this stage i never said i was trying to get her out now. Nor did i say i was looking for a doctor to induce me -.- i was asking some natural ways to induce at home so i can look into them now and TALK to my doctor about if it would be an option later on. I know she is not ready right now and i dont want her out right now. How is doing my homework early on selfish? I want to make sure i know what my options are and what possible symptoms could be for later.
  • You are not being selfish at all! I am just as far along as you and doing my research as well for the 39-40 week mark. Goodluck with everything!
  • Good heavens, people are judgemental (and not great with reading comprehension) today!
    There aren't really any proven, non-medical induction methods, but there are a bunch of wives tales that different people swear work. I have a friend who swears that getting a pedicure put her into labor with all four of her kids. I've heard eating fresh pineapple or spicy food. My mom's best friend swears by going for walks with one foot in the gutter and one foot on the sidewalk. There are slightly more medical options like sex, nipple stimulation, or taking castor oil (watch out for side effects on that one). Personally, I went into labor after walking up and down a flight of stairs several times. I don't know if it was related, but I do know that's one of the theories. Google "natural labor induction methods" and you'll get a ton of answers. Most of them (walks, spicy food) fall into the category of "it won't hurt to try", some of them (nipple stimulation) you should definitely talk to your doctor about first, and some of them are just plain bat crap crazy (stand on my head on the roof? No friggin way.). Good luck!


  • To the people that call me selfish need to reread everything ive stated -.- i am doing my research and planning on talking to my doctor before doing anything so please anyone that calls that selfish explain why. To the coupld posters at the end sorry idk how to reply to comments from my phone but thank you i will add those to my list and look into them :)
  • Hey try not to stress okay. Baby will feel your stresses and may be deciding not to come. You are only 2 weeks from full term and yes there are Plenty of ways you can try and self induce. Check them out online and dont be too disapointed if things arnt working. Try to stay positive you wont be pregnant forever. And when your baby arrives i hope all returns to normal for you. You are in no way selfish. Being pregnant is the total Opposite of selfishness. It is how your body can deal with it and if its not then of corse youd be eager to get things moving. Some people are just way too harsh on here with the selfishness mumbo jumbo
  • I think natural pain relief would be more helpful info at 35 weeks. Pp mentioned a heating pad and stretches, you can always ask someone to rub the area around the pinched nerve.

    It sucks being uncomfortable and in pain, but only a little bit longer and baby will be here and your pinched nerve will hopefully get better!
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  • @Sarals24 if you go read you will see i am just doing research and never said i was going to do ANYTHING until i discuss with a doctor if they think it would be ok and when it would be ok. The reason i am doing RESEARCH is because i am in pain. I would never do anything if it put my child at risk, but doing some research and making a list to bring to my doctor is in NO way risking my childs health.
  • @BookitBoo‌ ive already talked to doctors about pain relief and am doing all that i can for the pain. At 35 weeks i am just trying to look at what is out there and my options so i can do my homework and know as much as i can when the time gets closer. Yes ideally i want to carry to 40 weeks but from what i hear most things take time anyway i just want to increase my knowledge for now. I do not plan on acting upon any of this unless my doctor says yes go for it when you reach x weeks.
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  • @ilyxo thank you. And if i could bear with the pain i would but it has me in and out of the hospital. Thank you for beig one of the few nice ones on here and actually reading everything.
  • Dont worry you are perfectly fine to seek advice. Atleast you have asked upon other expecting mums opinions, its funny how pregnant women can get so hormonal over things that shouldnt concern them and feel a need to be right about everything baby related. Every pregnancy is different ladies.
  • @ilyxo‌ I dont get why they need to hate on me for wanting to learn more haha but what ever. Their judgments wont stop me from trying to learn.
  • @mommy172B I had issues with sciatic pain and it finally got better about 37 weeks for me... what I found worked for me was to sleep with a pillow between my legs, ice/heat, stretch, and try to push through the discomfort and walk, but at the same time rest and having my legs up was good too. Also, try using a tennis ball on the sore part of your back and butting up to the wall, thats a good way to stretch. If you have other concerns and natural pain relief methods aren't working talk to your doctor, maybe they would recommend a prenatal massage/chiropractor that specializes in prenatal care. good luck!

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  • My one thought isn't about any type of labor induction, but more with chiropractic care.  I started having really bad sciatic nerve pain around 25 weeks, and started seeing a prenatal chiro once a week and it's made a tremendous difference!  This may be an option for managing or alleviating the pain for you.  

    I'm disappointed by the lack of compassion from most other women responding to this thread. You may not agree with the information she's asking about, but we should be talking to each other in a supportive and encouraging way, not tearing down or insulting each other.  
  • You wouldn't have asked for natural induction methods I'd you weren't thinking of trying them. I swear if you type "doing my homework" one more time I'm gonna barf. Google won't judge you or talk back to you, so I suggest you research there instead of asking a message board. And I'm not buying the story that you've been in the hospital for nerve pain related to pregnancy. That was random.

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  • I mean, do you really think your doctor is going to tell you to have sex with your husband or eat spicy foods? If there was a sure-fire "natural" way to induce labor, I'm sure it would have been discovered by now. What's the point of researching something like this? Because you want to do it, right? Well, there isn't a natural way to induce labor that will work for everyone. The one thing that does work is waiting for your baby to come. And in the meantime, "do your homework" regarding pain relief solutions.
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  • @lmlee15‌ ive tried all that and have been getting weekly massages but nothing helpa so ive just been putting up with the pain and ive just been told to suck it up and keep doing what i have been doing. But thank you
    @TheOrneryMama‌ this is supposed to be a community where you can ask questions and get support, no matter if you agree with a question or not hate is in no way support.
    @erinh425‌ thank you. And all i did was ask a question to what was supposed to be a supportive community, seriously just thinking about leaving if a majority of the people on here are rude. But thank you
    @candlequeen‌ yes i am THINKING of trying them i never denied that. I just want to look into it now. And as i said this was supposed to be a supportive community so i was asking other moms to be. This was my start before google. Also it really doesnt matter what you believe about me or not. I know the truth and ive learned thats all that really matters.
  • Some women go past 40 weeks Fyi. So try not to get that in your mind as the end point.
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  • You can look into reflexology, if you want to research options for when you're full term. Nobody will guarantee you it will work, though. Talk to your Doc.
  • This shouldn't be a negative place
  • This is why I rarely post anything on here. People love to judge and give nasty remarks when they are behind a computer screen. I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I was going to say "Go for a lot of walks/Move" but I guess that's not really possible for you! Poor thing! Hang in there!  Pinched nerves are awful.
  • ilyxo said:

    This shouldn't be a negative place

    Who is being negative? The realities of a premie baby & potential health risks of PTL are real. It's actually very very supportive to snap this OP out of a very bad idea. Even thinking about this & researching it is starting down the slippery slope. It's best to not entertain dangerous ideas.

    I understand pain. I live with it every day. Even while not pregnant I have empathy, but I do not agree or support with trying to get information that you could use to force labor before baby is ready.

    This is not "negative". It's real, and even though it's not cuddly-- it's really meant in OP & OP's baby's best interest. You don't have to sugar coat & be a yes-person to be positive.

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  • Dont worry you are perfectly fine to seek advice. Atleast you have asked upon other expecting mums opinions, its funny how pregnant women can get so hormonal over things that shouldnt concern them and feel a need to be right about everything baby related. Every pregnancy is different ladies.
    @ilyxo‌ : I'm not pregnant. Hormones are no excuse to entertain or tolerate stupid.

    Also not pregnant and not dumb enough to advocate jump starting labor before baby is ready. You need to cos.....anyone?
  • Try a chiropractor for the nerve pain. Especially one that has experience in fetal positioning. You may need to go several times a week for relief but if it's so bad that you're thinking of evicting your baby before he/she is ready for life on the outside then I'd say the extra co-pays are worth it. Please try this! 

    Don't try self induction or let your doctor induce you before you're full term just to relieve nerve pain. Induction should be done for the health of your child. I'm not being mean, but I hope you are really understanding that the last few weeks of pregnancy are just as important as all of the other weeks for your baby's development. 

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