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Christmas gifts for three year olds?

My in-laws and parents are asking what to get our girls (3.5 yrs. and 10 months) for Christmas.  
There's very little they need or want. A few things the 3.5 year old needs are things DH and I feel we should get her ourselves/be there to pick out.  
I'm thinking a few games would be good for her, but cannot have games that have small parts because the 10 month old puts everything in her mouth (except a paci...).  
Any good game recommendations?  
I'm also going to mention tracing books and a paint set.  She loves art as well. 
How about other items on your shopping lists for three/four year olds?  
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Re: Christmas gifts for three year olds?

  • Magna Tiles

    Doll Stuff

    Art Supplies

    Little playsets with people or animals

    Zingo game

    B-brand pop beads (but have to keep away from the little one)

    Richard Scarry game (can't remember the name, but Google it)

    You can Google good games for toddlers. There's some kind of Curious George beach game that's supposed to be good.

    Old games like Candy Land, Cootie, Don't Spill the Beans, etc.

    Play doh sets

    Outdoor toys: beach toys, snow sleds, scooter, small bike, bike helmet, etc.



    Fancy shoes

    Melissa & Doug paint with water books but also separate paints (Crayola watercolors & a brush set). The pictures and paper are great but the paints are terrible.

    Rody Horse

    Little play animals or dinosaurs

    Play kitchen stuff

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  • I have a son who is 3. One of the best gifts he got for his birthday this past year was a membership to the local zoo. Your family could all enjoy something like that together. Not sure where you're located, but a membership to a children's museum, zoo, etc. is a great year-round gift.
  • I wouldn't worry about things with small parts.  I always try to do something special with DD when DS would nap that we couldn't do when he's up because he'd get into it.  DD got an easy bake oven last year when she was 3, I hate it but she loves is, we're getting her refills for it for Christmas this year.
  • I have not been on TB in forever, but was lurking to get Christmas gift ideas for my 3 year old--Thank you for posting! The janod toys are novel and will definitely be going on our list! Also, the zoo membership is a great idea. Here are a few games I had in mind: 

    Hungry Hungry Hippos
    Let's Go Fishin 
    Matching Games
    This Melisa and Doug Bowlong game looks adorable (and soft!)

    Picasso Tiles; fun magnetic blocks
    Hope this helps, I know this post got me thinking! 


    Softzone giant blocks 
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  • ingredients to make homemade playdough, goop, moonsand and other sensory experiences
    floor puzzles
    healthy snacks
    passes to museum, zoo, indoor bounce house,
    pet fish
    markers, crayons, colored pencils, paper, chalk, watercolor paints, finger paint,
    Because kiddo has so much we are doing 1) something you want 2) something you need 3) something you read 4) something to wear


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  • I think I'll be getting DS a cheap CD player for his bedroom. My friend bought one for her 3.5 yr old DD last Christmas, and she loves it. She keeps it on her bureau and can play and change the cds. She makes copies so the actual CD doesn't get wrecked. When we go over to visit, DS and her DD play music and dance for 40 mins at a time. She also uses for books on CD. DS has everything, so this is worth a try to me.
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  • Some things I'm thinking of getting DS

    Magnifying Glass (a good one not a "toy")

    Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set (spendy)

    Little Garden Gloves & Gardening Tools



    CD Player (like PP)

    Some new bath toys (thinking magnetic boats)

    Swim Floaties and Swim Lessons in January

    A little Guitar

    Hoot Owl Hoot is supposed to be a good game... don't know about small parts though...
  • Bicycles

    Melissa & Doug Magnet Dolls
    Watercoloring, crayons, easel, glitter glue

    Passes to zoo, museum, aquarium...
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