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It's time to call it - journey's end (older daughter mentioned)


Re: It's time to call it - journey's end (older daughter mentioned)

  • coming out of lurkdom to give you huge ((((HUGS)))) sweetie. This is all so, so incredibly unfair.  I'm so sorry.

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    GS you're such a wonderful woman and have contributed so much to ttcal. I'm glad you and yh are on the same page and were finally able to have this conversation and come to this decision. Wishing you nothing but happiness in this chapter of your life. There will always be love for you from the AL community. Now for some kitty hugs :)






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    Huge ((hugs)).  I'm so sorry that this part of your journey is ending.  That must have been such a hard decision to make.  You've been a fantastic member of this community, so patient and kind. Thank you for that.  I wish you the best.

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    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry about all the heartache that you and your husband have experienced over the years. I am glad to hear that you guys were able to have that difficult talk and come to a conclusion. Praying for you hang in there. You’re a strong woman!


  • Wishing you peace during this difficult time. ((hugs)) Thank you for sharing your story.
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