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Holy Crap! Is Cervical check painful to you too??

Holy Crap! Is Cervical check painful to you too? I'm 36 weeks and 4 days along and 1 and a half centimeters dialated (cervix 80% effaced). Hopefully, the cervix checks will get better as far as pain?

Re: Holy Crap! Is Cervical check painful to you too??

  • I never find them painful at all. Awkward maybe because someone's hand is your vagina. Try and relax when they happen, but it may also depend on the person doing them, too. Some I think have gentler hands than others.

    I don't know if they will get less painful for you or not as you progress.
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  • I never found them to be painful, but I was usually pretty well-dilated.
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  • Mine hurt and I bled for three days but in hindsight I think she did a "stretch and sweep." I had a check only Tuesday and that wasn't as bad although not fun by any means. I guess I have a sweep tomorrow. Not excited at all.

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  • I just told them I don't want one. You can refuse, they aren't necessary and don't really give you any info. Even if you were 4cm you could still go another week or two before labour... 
     I was 4cms yesterday. :((

    For me it definitely depends on the person. My OB is a very small lady and hers are a lot more painful than most other folks. This last one was more painful than previous ones, but I think that was because I was already kinda crampy.
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    Oh I had my 2nd today and it was just as painful as the first. My cervix faces back so apparently its not easy to reach. I was in tears today. It does help to breathe through them as deeply as possible but that's kinda hard too when someone is sticking their hand all up in there.

    P.S. I told my Dr I had heard people say they aren't supposed to be painful and she laughed. Said it hurt everytime she had one done with each of her 4 kids.

    IDK I'm probably just a big wuss and that's why they hurt me so bad.

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  • I've had a couple and they have not been painful. Awkward and a bit uncomfortable but never painful
  • I've only had one, when I left work because I was in so much pain and the doctor wanted to make sure I wasn't dilated. Dear Mother of God and Sweet baby Jesus that was sooo painful!!! I don't know how many fingers he used but he was about 20 inches up in there!! All the way up in there!! OB even said, "go ahead you can curse, you can scream... " It MORE than hurt!
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  • Haha you know in my last pregnancy I was at a place with only two doctors, husband and wife, they were great! The wife was my primary so I mostly saw her and when she did the checks they were painful, but when the husband did them however it wasn't painful just uncomfortable haha!
    And these last few times at this new practice it has just been uncomfortable.
    My opinion is it has to do with the doc haha!
  • I had one Tuesday and it didn't hurt. It was uncomfortable but not painful.

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  • Mine hurt but lately my pain tolerance hadn't been very high.... Probably not a good thing considering labor is right around the corner
  • My first one hurt, but i found the second to just be uncomfortable.  So perhaps just depends on the doctor?
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    I have had 3 so far, because my blood pressure is being monitored very closely.

    1st - my male OB, didn't hurt at all. Cervix was soft, long and closed. (Oct 21)

    2nd - my male OB, holy hell! It hurt like a SOB. I think he was trying to do a sweep, but it wasn't very dilated. Wasn't much change according to the doctor. (Oct 27)

    3rd - my MW. Definitely not the most comfortable thing ever. Was the longest exam of the 3. She talked me through what she was doing. Cervix was soft. Starting to thin. 1cm or so dilated. (Oct 29)

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  • UGH mine hurt like HELL!  I can't even imagine how labour is going to feel if THAT hurt.  My doc said she's going to do one next week and I'm thinking of refusing it.  
  • Mine hurt too! I've had two by the lady OB, and they were awful! I had one of the male OB's today, and it wasn't as bad. I am 1.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced at 39 weeks. I will probably have a membrane sweep next week if I haven't gone into labor on my own (oh, please God, let me go into labor on my own). I am not looking forward to that membrane sweep, although I agree, it is nothing compared to labor.
  • I agree with PPs that it must have something to do with the Doc's size. My OB is a oil the thing, and her checks are very uncomfortable, and she literally has to trust her hand to get up there. Specialist is a typical sized guy and is no muss no fuss, and no pain either.
    Like the other girls said, I'm sure it'll be nothing once this whole situation is done, that'll be nothing next to baby's head!
  • I only had checks when I was in labor and they hurt like hell, but OB mentioned it may b/c I have a retroverted uterus, maybe you do, too?
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  • Meh. They are uncomfortable and sting a bit but not super painful. I'm curious what my membrane strip will feel like next week!
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  • Ive had quite a few done and at first they were not painful at all. recently they have become very uncomfortable!!!! I agree that doctors with smaller hands have to reach further because of shorter fingers which can cause more pain, I had one done today and now have some dark spotting!
  • I've had 2 by 2 different doctors.  The first one last week hurt like crazy, but the one this week didn't.  I think it was just technique/experience.

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  • I had my first yesterday. I wouldn't say it was painful, just awkward because I felt like it was hard for her to reach all the way in there. I did feel crappy afterward though- cramps and bleeding.

    I'm going to decline next time as @kyliedaniellexx‌ said they don't really tell you anything. I'd rather not feel like garbage than know if I'm dilated at all.

  • I definitely think it depends on the doctor.  I had one maybe a month ago to make sure that all the braxton hicks I was having weren't making me dialate-that was with my normal doctor and was more uncomfortable than really painful.  I had one yesterday again with a different doctor and it definitely hurt.  She was also trying to feel for the baby's head to see if she is head down or not so she was definitely pushing harder and fishing around more.  With my first check I didn't bleed.  Yesterday I bled a LOT (like gushes of blood at first) and am still spotting today.  So yeah, I definitely think the doctor and what they're trying to do matters.


  • I didn't have any until I was well into labour.  And yeah.  Mine hurt like hell.   :(
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  • Mine seem to hurt more the further along I am. I've had many with this pregnancy bc of a short cervix and they've always just been uncomfortable but the last time hurt pretty bad and I'm dilated 2cm.

    With my first, same thing. They were always fine during appts but when I actually went into labor and they checked at the hospital, it was so so painful. 

    Not sure if it's a true correlation but seems to be for me.

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  • I didn't get one til I was labor and I personally would have turned them down until I was at 40 weeks, because really, who cares if you're not dilated before that?

    To answer your question though, yes, it was EXTREMELY painful for me. I don't know if that's because I was in labor though or just because they suck.
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  • I had my first check this week, and it hurt like crazy! Hurt for hours afterward too. I'm hoping the next one will be more bearable
  • Had one today... Actually had 2 today second one hurt like hell and the nurse goes girl you bout to have a baby u better toughen up relax them hips.......... Really?! Don't you think I'm trying?! Ugh anyway My OB said my cervics were tricky it felt like he was digging around in there finally he said I am 1 cm dilated and 30% effaced
  • I've only had one so far.. It hurt so bad I wanted to jump off the table. He is breech so they didn't do one this past Monday.
  • I'll be 37 weeks Sunday...thinking asking my doc if there's any harm in opting out....
  • Jesus. Now I'm scared. I've declined until this point but I will be 39w5d at my next appt and thought I'd give it a whirl.

    And yes, I know it's ridiculous I just said i was scared of this when I have birthing a baby right around the corner.
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