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Thank you card timing poll

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I feel like such a procrastinator, its been less than two weeks since my shower but I've been putting it off. How long did it take you to mail your baby shower thank you cards?

Thank you card timing poll 105 votes

one week or less
19% 20 votes
two weeks
29% 31 votes
three weeks
15% 16 votes
four weeks
25% 27 votes
9% 10 votes
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Re: Thank you card timing poll

  • I voted one week or less because that's what I did for like 95% of my thank yous. I had a few hang ups on getting addresses for a few people so those took longer.

    But I was really on top of the game because I knew if I procrastinated I would forget.

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  • I'm taking forever. Some were done super quick, the rest I'm doing this week. I suck at these things. So i voted four weeks. Not exactly Miss Manners over here, but I had to get on maternity leave to have the time and energy to comelete them all. It didn't help that we have had three showers. We are incredibly grateful, though. I definitely don't want to make the impression that we don't appreciate our gifts. Gotta get busy!!
  • The 1st shower I got them out two days after. The 2nd and 3rd will be 5 and 2 weeks respectively. This is amazing compared to the catastrophe that was our wedding thank yous. I'm shocked some people even got us shower gifts.
  • For my work shower I got them out within a week. For my friends/family shower I'm currently pushing 4 weeks and I'm about halfway done. I hope to finish them tomorrow. I'm home on bedrest now so I have no excuse.

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  • I'm kind of a freak, so take this with a grain of salt ;) but all of my thank yous (from showers and as gifts have rolled in) were sent out within a week. I didn't want to worry about forgetting anyone or anything, and it just made me feel better to stay on top if it.
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  • I got mine out within a week of my shower, but only because I knew I would procrastinate and take forever to get them done otherwise. I worked on them every lunch break at work and every evening until they were done.

    Don't feel badly. Two weeks isn't bad! Etiquette wise I think within a month is pretty acceptable.

  • I'm a huge procrastinator. Finally got some of my cards sent out and I still have a few more to write. I feel really bad for not sending them out earlier. :(
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  • I got both showers down quickly but mailing them out was a bigger issued.  Pregnancy brain makes it hard to remember to get stamps and then actually mail them out.

    However, I have two people who gave me gifts post shower and I've been aweful about actually writing those thank you cards.
  • Well, I feel a little better. Just making the poll motivated me to start writing them. For DHs work shower, I wrote them right away…probably because they were gifts from people I don't know well haha. Maybe I take my actual friends and family for granted more? I don't have that many to write, so I have no excuse...
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  • My shower was on the 18th. I have 5 written so far....I really need to get on the ball. Between work, trying to get our house in order, and the over abundance of birthdays and Halloween, I am failing pretty hard. :(

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