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More of the same (pls help with sleep, 15 mos old twins!!)

I've posted here a few times seeking help with sleep. I'm back :).

We are no longer bedsharing since no one was sleeping well (except my husband). That said, our 15 mos old twins are waking and nursing more now than they were in the past. (I know this because they are soaking through their over nite diapers and pjs daily and never did before). I do not want to nite wean, but worry that sometimes nursing and sometimes not is confusing to them (and totally counter to behavioral science) so I'm at a loss as to how to partially nite wean. And additionally, we've read the Jay Gordon stuff and it appeals, but it's solely focused on night weaning a singleton. There seems to be a real lack of info/advice on AP sleep stuff and twins.

1. I'm worried about fragmented sleep for all of us. But especially the girls. They literally wake every 10-40 min from about 1am on. I am nursing every 2-3 hrs (trying for 3, ultimately hoping for 5...) but they are still waking and needing a lot of soothing back to sleep and my husband and I are completely wrecked.

2. How do I get from nursing every 2-3 hrs to nursing once MOTN?! Is a gradual thing or a more sudden approach better and how the hell do you do it with twins, sharing a room?

3. N is all of a sudden unable to be soothed in her crib, requiring being rocked and then very difficult to transfer back to her crib. What gives and how do we help her settle w/o picking her up?

Thanks!! If you made it this far, you are a trooper :)
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Re: More of the same (pls help with sleep, 15 mos old twins!!)

  • I've been thinking about you! (In a nice way, rather than a creepy Internet one ;) ). Sorry to hear this is still so hard!!

    I've heard anecdotally that Dr. Gordon is actually really nice about answering emails (I've heard the same re: Dr. McKenna at Notre Dame). Maybe you could write to one or both of them for guidance re: twins? Time to call in the big guns?

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