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Help breastfeeding

My son is 5 days old and my milk finally came in so he is latching on better now. However I'm having trouble waking him to get him to feed after 2-3 hours. He wants to sleep and gets angry and won't stop crying and grabbing at his little face. My husband gave him a binki to calm down. I don't know what or how to go about getting him on a better feeding schedule. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Jenny
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Re: Help breastfeeding

  • I used to have to rub DD back to wake her up while feeding to get her to eat. Also another thing I've heard works is to feed them in their diaper. I guess not being as warm wakes them up. Tickling toes, ect might also help. And him being just five days old, he's not going to be on a set schedule. I fed on demand and the first few weeks was random. Once she got the hand of everything she was eating every 1.5-2 hours. As long as baby is having a good amount of wet/dirty diapers, you should be fine. Good luck and congrats on your LO!
  • I had a very sleepy baby at first. I would strip her down to a diaper to wake her up. To get her to wake up after she latched, I'd rub her cheek and under her chin. At the hospital, the LC told me to keep trying to feed her for 10 minutes and if she just won't, to put her down and pump. Baby might be okay sleeping through 1-2 feedings a day in the beginning, but my milk supply won't be. It got better over time. I noticed a major difference in how alert she was during feedings around 3 weeks.
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  • When my DD was a few days old to about 4 weeks. She would constantly fall asleep at the breast, so our LC had us dampen a paper towel and fold it up and just touch her arm or leg with it. The cold would wake her up to start sucking again. Also we were told once she's up to birth weight and gaining well, it was ok if she went a little longer between feeds especially at night. Still try to get 8-12 feeds in a day, but it's ok if a few are a little longer than 3 hours apart. And at 5 days old, don't worry about a schedule. There's no such thing. Just feed on demand and baby will be happy and healthy.
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