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I realize I am two hours early. Sorry not sorry. 

I haven't been around lately, busy with work and my other Internet hobbies, lol. How is everyone? Anyone new having babies? Exciting conversations I should be diving into?

We are doing well, I have an appointment to get my Mirena out after my cruise alone with my husband in December. I'm excited but also scared to jump back into TTC mode.

Here is my daughter from her two year old pictures and bonus pictures of her at Disney and on her bike last month :)

DD 9/15/12
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Re: HDBD / Updates

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  • StefanieM522StefanieM522 member
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    @StarryAgain She is such a cutie! Glad that all is well with you. Hope you have fun on your cruise. There has not been anything drama filled on our board but a few of the others have had some major drama happen.  I think mambo and wanderingstar has the newest cute squishees and I think Morrkim should be having her twins any day now! Good luck with TTC next year. We are waiting to TTC as well next year so I'm hoping to loose a little bit of weight in the meantime. Welcome back!


    Starry Again
  • @Rachelilly23 those are such happy pics.
    A good friend of dh and i just left for 11 months. I am trying to think of ways to help his wife and her two young children while they are gone. If you have any suggestions please share.
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  • @navyandviolet‌ Definitely offering to watch her kids a few times here and there is such a big help. I didn't really have that too much, I relied on babysitters and things got expensive. It just really sucks to have to hire a babysitter for things like getting your hair cut. But that's the best thing I can think of!
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  • navyandvioletnavyandviolet member
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    @Rachelilly23 She is pretty shy. So I've invited her to drop off her kids with me whenever she needs to. But i think i may have to insist. My dh is out of town regularly so I think us having a standing date where we meet up with the kids will work too. I know I get lonely so I will be good for the both of us.
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    Rachelilly23piffley[Deleted User]
  • chricast said:
    Another Disney picture this time while we visited animal kingdom Lodge. This place is very cool but I could never justify the cost per night!
    We were fortunate enough to stay there but we rented DVC points so it was *somewhat* affordable, lol. DD loved it! Next time though we will probably rent points and stay in a one bedroom in Old Key West.

    I got sucked into the disboards vortex, it was baaad, lol.
    DD 9/15/12
  • @Starry Again‌ I will have to look into renting dvc point's. I doubt anything will beat the $90/night Marriott though with full breakfast included right outside Disney.
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  • @CnAnA‌
    Poor thing looks just pitiful. Hope she gets some good rest to get better.
  • @wanderingstars23 @scrumpfy‌ thanks! This was yesterday. She had more energy today, but was still snotty. Hope this crud passes her quick!


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