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Damn today has been slow. BUT! Now that Buzzfeed has confirmed that I am a wizard and I've ousted myself on FFFC....

Who else has been sorted at pottermore.com? What did you expect? what'd you get? I'm curious!! 
I expected Ravenclaw. I got Gryffindor. Hubs should've been a Slytherin. He also got Gryffindor. we were shocked lol

(i'd link but it's really a long process 30min +.. ish)

ramaholic[Deleted User]

Re: Wizards!

  • Uh oh....I am now purchasing items in Diagon Alley with my allotted galleons.... fun times ahead!
  • Just got Gryffindor.
    lazyreader[Deleted User]
  • That was fun. I got Hufflepuff, now I'll probably be on pottermore all night


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  • I haven't logged in for a few months, but I'm also a Ravenclaw.  WE'LL WIN THE CUP, JUST YOU WATCH.
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  • I joined pottermore a couple of years ago I think. I got Slytherin. I expected Ravenclaw.

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  • I am Ravenclaw.  I wonder what IT thinks when they see me logging onto Pottermore.
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  • painttheair14painttheair14
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    I also did the Pre-Launch and was sorted into Slytherin... which is exactly where I belong. :) 

    I am in a Harry Potter wedding in December and get to wear a long green gown to represent my house.

    Now I am curious about this wedding!

    Eta: the google image search did not dissapoint. Were I not mobile, I'd share.
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  • I was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore quite some time ago, which was what all the other tests I'd taken til then said so I was pleased to have it confirmed 'officially' by the site! I'm a total bookie nerd, so it fits. I do need to log back in and try it again, though, I always forget to, it's been over a year. :\">



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    All ALers welcome!

    ramaholic[Deleted User]
  • This thread makes me feel old. 

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  • Note to self -- get sorted. I'm assuming Gryffindor. We'll see.
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  • I can't get it to work on mobile :-(
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  • I was sorted into Hufflepuff. I was disappointed at first but once I read the description, it made sense. I haven't been on Pottermore in such a long time. I may need to revisit it.
    This is me exactly! I thought for sure either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, but I got Hufflepuff. I was bend out of shape for a few minutes, I know petty, and then I read the description. The description was pretty accurate for me. I feel like am a total HP nerd!
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    lazyreader[Deleted User]
  • I got Gryffindor. It's been a few months since I've been on pottermore though. I have a feeling I'll be on soon.
  • I got Hufflepuff--and I was also disappointed at first (wanted to be Gryffindor because...reasons!). Though...to be honest I'm definitely a Hufflepuff and I'll  be proud of it! Haha. I remember being on mugglenet as a kid and trying to get sorted into the house of my dreams...sigh. :o)

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