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2nd Trimester

Is anyone else peeing their pants?

I'm only at 16 weeks and thought I'd be farther along before this would begin happening... It's not a full on bladder emptying just a larger dribble.. Can't wait until later on!

Re: Is anyone else peeing their pants?

  • Depends man. I'm serious.

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  • Every time I sneeze which is like 29 times a day :-S

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  • Me too! I had two large babies and that has never really gone back to normal. I use Poise pads while working.
  • Every time I sneeze :(
  • Everytime I throw up I pee, every single damn time :-w
  • I've done it once at a completely unexpected sneeze. My husband thinks it's hilarious.
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  • Ha ha! Yes! Every time I sneeze or cough hard. It isn't a full on wet-fest, but a little spurt. Allergies suck during pregnancy. :(
  • Everytime I throw up I pee, every single damn time :-w

    same here. It is so not fun.
  • Ugh allergies do suck, yea people thinks its funny when you have to cross your legs when u cough, sneeze, or laugh to much but its really not funny, but yet i love being pregnant :D ~X(
  • So glad you posted this!  I am also 16 weeks and have been having the same issue.  I second the sneezing as well as the throwing up...I threw up in the car on my way to work last week and had to turn around and go home to change since I was totally unprepared for that to happen!  So happy to hear I'm not alone in this.
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    Me too!  It's the worst!
  • When I sneeze (esp. if it's unexpected) or when I throw up. 
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    Ugh, every time I throw up I pee as well, glad I'm not the only one!
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  • Every time I sneeze, cough or laugh hard I tinkle on myself. This is my 4th baby so I'm pretty sure I will never be normal again lol.
  • I have had a bad cough, and... yup! Kegels!!!! :-)
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  • Lol...ive gotten caught already with that so now when i feel it i go i dont wait or try to hold it anymore.
  • Every time I throw up or sneeze it's crazy I'm almost 23 weeks and feel so much pressure on my bladder it's horrible
  • I've had a cough for over a week and every time I cough and am standing up, I'll let a little out
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  • Happen Several Times A Day For Me.... Unfortunately! 
  • You're not alone . I do this quite often
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