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How do you get fiber into your 2 year old?

DS has been having some bathroom issues, and he is also a picky eater.  Two of the things he will almost always eat are cheese and applesauce, but I have had to cut back on those a lot.  
I could give him miralax, but I thought if I could get him to eat stuff with more fiber...

Today at the grocery, I got some fiber one bars with 5g fiber, fig bars with 2g each, cereal bars with 4g, and a smoothie drink with 5g.  I also got him some baby food pouches.  (He is seriously lacking in the fruit and vegetable department, but they are so expensive.  However, he will eat them up.)  Can I cut the smoothie drink with some plain yogurt to cut down on the sugars?

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Re: How do you get fiber into your 2 year old?

  • Try adding in probiotics. I buy the Culturelle Kids packets and mix one in her cup each morning. They really seemed to have helped. There is usually a coupon online too.
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    nowababy said:
    Fruit fruit fruit. Leave the skin in apples, Etc. Prunes, prune juice. Dried apricots. Raisins. Olives make you go if you eat enough.
    Yeah, I have been tempted to go the prune route.  He will eat raisins sometimes.  He does not like most fruit.  Sometimes he will eat apples (but no peeling) and grapes, but not always.
    He loves yogurt!  I didn't realize that was bad for his issue.  Maybe that is our problem.  He eats 1-2 cups/day.  
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  • I buy a big bag of prunes at Costco, boil them, puree them, freeze them in cubes and then defrost 2 at a time to mix in her applesauce. DD will eat absolutely nothing except applesauce, pb sandwiches, cereal/granola and other breads. She used to eat yogurt but refuses it lately. No other fruits. The only vegetable that makes it into her body is the pumpkin pancakes I make for her breakfasts. I feel you. DS ate most anything - this picky crap is so frustrating!
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  • oatmeal, fruit, and fiber one bars
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  • Bran muffins. I believe you can buy fiber gummies too.
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    NandaB said:
    I think if I had a super picky kid I would try a cup of diluted juice and encouraging different fruits/veggies every day in different forms (smoothies, cut up, whole, on toothpicks...) instead of giving them a bunch of overly sugared bars. There are some pouches that have spinach as a main ingredient (instead of just flavored applesauce) Eta: I mean, I wouldn't want to create a "cereal bar monster" who will eat those but no actual fruits/veg still, ya know?
    Yes, I hadn't even been giving him (or his brothers) juice, but I had thought maybe apple juice would help.  My sister suggested v8.  He drinks a lot of water.  
    I will keep trying the fruit and veggies.  
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  • Chia pudding. Or blend chia seeds in smoothies. I hide everything in smoothies.
  • maybe my kid is weird but he likes to eat rinsed garbanzo beans and sometimes kidney beans for  a snack. Also, I sprinkle milled flax seed into a lot of the cooked foods I make.  I even sneak it into chocolate chip cookies. 
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    I do not have this problem.
    My (almost) 2 year old has soft mushy poops at least once a day.

    His diet lately is mostly bread, pasta and as much fruit as you offer him.
    Melons (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe), grapes, bananas, pineapple, apple.
    (He's going through the 'picky eater' phase)
    He will eat any fruit offered, but those are what we buy most often.
    We still peel the apple because his molars haven't come all the way in yet, so he can't adequately check the skin.

    ETA: he has 3-5 cups of milk a day and water non-stop. He does not drink juice.
    Oh, and he loves yogurt. He eats about 8 of the individual cups each week.

  • I make my own smoothies for the kids. A banana, yogurt, handful or two of spinach or kale, a handful of frozen fruit (usually strawberries or a mixed bag of fruit), a little coconut oil, couple ice cups & a tiny bit of oj.

    Otherwise I try to use whole wheat pasta and bread, my kids love beans and lots of fruits.

    Also if ds is have pooping issues I give him a cup of apple juice or white grape juice. It usually does the trick.
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  • Also Pinterest has a ton of smoothie recipes. I just play around with it. Good luck! Kids can be so hard to eat sometimes.
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  • The thing about yogurt is you can get ones such as Activia that have the extra either probiotics/fiber added.  That's an easy way to "sneak" them in along with fruits. Yogurt also does have some good digestive aspects simply because of the cultures used.

    The Fiber One bars are good, but really, having had a bound up kiddo (how I got one kid on each side of the bowel spectrum is BEYOND me), don't fear the miralax if he's already bound up a bit to the point you're concerned, some kids need time to what amounts to "grow into their bowels" and a trip to the ER for being bound up is the worst and incredibly painful!!  Our Ped told us to go ahead and use a kid-size dose until things got "regular" again but not so much that it turned to diarrhea.  Then continue for 30 days until she got used to the idea of soft stools because at some point it becomes fear because of how hard they need to work to get it out.  Now when she notices things binding up she tells me so we can start until she gets going again but for a long time it was a challenge. 

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