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Needing encouragement from those who have been there

I'm just over 26 weeks currently with b/g twins, and I'm struggling. I'm only about 5'3", so there's not a whole lot of room for them, and I'm huge! I'm having trouble even sitting upright to eat, walking is painful in my hips and pelvis, my back is killing me, and my stomach is so sore. The last few nights I've ended up in tears thinking about how much worse it's going to get. 

It took us so long to be blessed with these little ones, and I hate feeling ungrateful. I try to put it all in perspective, knowing that it will all be worth it in the end, but each night of restless sleep and pain makes it that much harder. 

Any tips for a struggling twin mom to be?
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Re: Needing encouragement from those who have been there

  • Hang in there! It's rough I know! Prenatal yoga could help but check with your dr first. I had the same pelvic pain it hurt to walk but once I got the muscles warm and stretched it felt better. Sleeping just sucks, I didn't find anything to help that. Maybe bed rest is an option. Don't push yourself. Just remember better in your body than in the Nicu.
  • I'm 2 days ahead of you but I'm 6+ inches taller. I have found that drinking nutrition shakes (Boost) help me in the evening otherwise it is like it all wants to come back up. Other times of the day I'm fine. I can't really find anything that helps with sleep either and I usually just load up on pillows and turn side to side. You are so close though so just keep trying to push through it.
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  • I'm 31 weeks tomorrow and can only commiserate! It's hard. I feel ok on some days and then some are just brutal where I can't do anything bc it hurts too much. It's all hard to know "it's just going to get worse" in the coming weeks. Sleep was miserable for me last night. I had to use the recliner in the living room as I was in too much pain in bed. Not sure it helps but I'm trying to just check off each day and each week. Each day the babies stay in is a victory. And then you do it again the next day!

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  • I'm 5'1 and carried to 37 weeks and was measuring 50w when I delivered., so I completely understand. I was ginormous! I will say that it didn't steadily get worse for me, it came in phases of feeling uncomfortable and ok. So, you might have some ok days ahead. I stayed as active as possible and I think that really helped... Prenatal yoga, walking, light strength training at home, prenatal videos. I really listened to my body and tried not to overdue it though. I moved into our spare room for the last month bc it had a memory foam mattress topper... Saved me! They are not cheap but maybe you can get your hands on one? I used a support belt mostly around 20-24 weeks. It really helped with side pain I was having. Hang in there mamma!
  •  I would not suggest bedrest- that was the undoing of me.  I am 3 inches taller, but had a pretty easy time- sure there was sciatica and the general OMG I can't see my feet- or I had a difficult time cooking- belly too close to the stove- or washing dishes- really couldn't comfortably do it. BUT I was still active- walking, light housework.  When my BP went up and I was told to be on bedrest at 31 weeks- well that is when it became hard to walk, painful in my crotch, I had a hard time catching my breath.  All from the inactivity, so I guess what I am saying try to stay active.  Pregnancy is uncomfortable- pregnancy with multiples even more so.

  • Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you're feeling so miserable. Those of is who have BTDT totally get it.

    No matter what anyone else thought, I understood my limitations and listened to my body. If I didn't feel up for it, I cancelled plans. I only ran one errand at a time. I spent a lot of time laying in our recliner. I lived for long, hot showers. I let DH do almost everything around the house, including taking care of our 4 year old. (I'll forever be grateful for that.)

    Honestly, twin pregnancy was one of the longest times of my life. Take it one day at a time. You will get through it! And in the end, you will be so amazed at what your body can do. And you'll never take for granted things like bending down and getting up from a chair without help!

    We're here for support. Feel free to vent any time!

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  • At the end of the day I always listen to my body. I'm only 16 weeks but I'm struggling with how big my belly already is. I have zero energy so I rest often & don't push myself. Housework is just about all I get done physically. We are all in this together!
  • The last few weeks are rough. Hang in there! Take it easy and let others do anything for you. I took a lot of soaking baths. I heard other people say that going swimming was amazing when they got big and uncomfortable because it took pressure off your feet and back. I never did, but it might be worth a try. Put your feet up anytime you can


    I also wore a support belt and it helped. If you have a moby or other wrap carrier I know that some women wrap their bellies for support and say it helps. I also slept most comfortably in a recliner.

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  • I am 36 weeks tomorrow and miserable as well. I am also 5'3" and these babies have no room but to grow up into my ribs. I had PTL and have been hospitalized and on niedipine for the last couple months. Two weeks ago I was hospitalized for suspected kidney stones which they never found. I am now back home just waiting til I go into labor on my own.

    We tried for two years to get pregnant and I don't want to be ungrateful either but I am so over this pregnancy. I don't know how I'll survive the next two weeks if I don't go into labor before then. There is no medical reason for the doctor to induce or do a c/s at this point because babies are doing well and my kidney stone pain have somehow disappeared.

    Hang in there, I'll let you know how my next week or two goes!
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  • I am 5'4" and went to 37.2 weeks. I agree with others - I had good weeks and bad weeks, it didn't just get worse and worse, it would get bad, then better, then bad again.  The end was just bad but I didn't move very much. 

    I liked to take my ipad and watch tv in the soaker tub for like 3 hours. Heartburn was bad but eating watermelon really helped - I would eat tons before bed and even in the middle of the night would wake up and eat it. I also got a prescription for prilosec (I think) and that became a necessity along with tums sometimes. 

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  • I am taller, 23 weeks.... and I got a drop mouth response from a nurse practitoner I work with when she asked when I was due and I said not till January.... yes, I know I'm big, but the girls are not ready yet. I do a lot of flip flopping in brd- with pillows and some days I sleep really well... only up once to pee :-) and some days I get up for few hours between naps. You can do this! And at the end of the tunnel is the bright shining light of babies :-) Take it easy on yourself....
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  • No advice- since these twins are my first and I am only 19 weeks. However- we are praying for you and it will work out! Hugs!

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  • I'm a couple inches shorter and went to 37 weeks,, It was not easy and I know there are times you just want to cry! It came in waves for me one day I'd feel absolutely miserable and maybe a few days later if have a good day. Towards the 30 week mark I did as little as possible because even a trip to the supermarket exhausted me for the rest of the day. Take it easy on yourself, if people offer help take it! I did things like order my groceries from pea pod and treated myself to a snoogle pillow. I had a chair in the bathroom so I could sit while
    I got ready for work. Anything to make life easier.

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    I'm 5'3" and was on bedrest from 24 weeks on and mainly in the hospital. I used a Snoogle to help me lie in bed along with lots of pillows. I took Tylenol to help with my hip and rib pain (one baby was breech and the other transverse so they were in a T shape). I also took Ambien to get some decent sleep at night. They put me in the Trendelenberg (?) position a lot where they elevated my lower body so that the kids would slide out of my pelvis and give me some relief. I think you can figure out a way to do at home - it feels really good.

    When I went home at 33 weeks, I did a lot of soaking in the tub to get some relief. Being pregnant with twins is rough but it goes quickly. I made it to 36 weeks before having a C section due to slower growth rates - they just ran out of room!
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  • I feel your pain! I'm about 5'1" and went 38wks/1day. I started taking it easy around 32 weeks but usually would get up and walk once a day. Just don't over do it and listen to your body. Lots of baths helped too with hip/back pain and Braxton hicks. For me the 2nd trimester was worse than the others as far as pain goes. That's when your body is really starting to make room for those growing babies. My ribs always ached and it was hard sleeping laying down for a few weeks. Once I got into 3rd tri it wasn't too bad. Just big and uncomfortable! I used big body pillows and would just switch sides every time I woke up. I never used a belly support band but maybe give it a try to take the weight off. Hang in there!!

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  • I found that it really came in phases for me. I would feel horrible and not know how I was going to make it and the next week wouldn't be as bad. It was the hardest, most miserable thing I've ever done but I swear it won't last forever. I made it to 38 weeks and probably would have gone longer, if it wasn't policy to take twins at that time.
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  • Also, being completely submerged in water made me feel so much better! When I couldn't stand it I would go sit in our little pool.
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  • I'm sorry hon :(  People keep telling me they forgot all the discomfort and all that they gave up during pregnancy when their baby arrived.  And I'm sure they mean that from the sweetest of places but I just really want to punch them in the face to remind them.  I'm rooting for you!!

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  • You can do this!

    Some days are better than others personally it has a lit to do with the babies' positions . Do you have a support band or a snoogle?
    My "upsie belly" belt has made all the difference in my ability to move around. It was life changing! my snoogle and boppy wedge are the only things that get me through the night. Although I'm still up to pee ever hour and a half.

    Make sure you are wearing good shoes too. If I wear anything other than running shows my hips hurt like crazy.

    Good luck!
  • I am a FTM and only 8 weeks along so I'm not sure how great my advice would be but hang in there! And maybe try a pregnancy massage? And please tell me you are not working?
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  • I'm 5'5" and carried them to 36wks 1 day. They weighed 5lbs and 6lbs 9.4oz. Both placentas weighed 2 lbs each! At my 35 week appointment, I measured 46 weeks.

     I had a lot of pillows & a big body pillow from Buy Buy Baby. I lived on Tums (everything gave me heartburn). We got a recliner in our master bedroom (planned to use it for nursing), but used it more to sleep in on bad nights while pregnant.
    I went on bedrest at 30 weeks for a growth discordance. By 32 weeks, I could barely move and I wasn't sure if that was because of bedrest or just my size in general. I definitely iced my bottom rib b/c it was stretching and hurt so bad. Icing it helped. I tried to only take Tylenol if it was really bad. I think bedrest probably helps the back pain, but definitely causes muscle atrophy. My kids are 2.5 and I still haven't had time to get my muscle tone back!

    Good luck!

    Hang in there. Just take it 1 day at a time and know that every day they are in there, they are getting bigger and healthier.

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  • Jumping on this late but want to tell you it's hard but so worth it.  I remember posting something very similar to this when I was around 26 weeks too; I was a wreck and miserable, cried every day about how much I hurt.

    Rest as much as you can and take care of yourself.  If you haven't already get a pregnancy pillow to help you sleep; I got a snoogle and it was a lifesaver for me when it came to sleeping.  I took that thing everywhere with me; used it to sit on the couch, at the table, lay in bed, you name it. Soak in the bathtub, get a heating pad for your back and take tylenol when it truly becomes to much.  Prenatal massage may really help too but talk to your doctor.

    It's weird but I actually miss being pregnant with my twins some days which is crazy because I had a really hard pregnancy and was so sore and achy all of the time.  I was put on bedrest at 26 weeks and it actually made my body feel worse because I spent so much time in one position.  Take it a day at a time and take whatever help you can get. Just focus on those two little babies. Good luck!
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