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Such lovely ladies!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the ladies here for being so supportive and wonderful! In my birth month forum there is so much drama and unnecessary attacks going on with each other. It's so nice to come to the multiples forum and feel accepted and rooted for. So ya! Thanks gals! You all rock! :)))
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Re: Such lovely ladies!

  • Hah! I felt the same way early on. Sometimes I wish there was a little bit more activity on the Mults board - not drama but like, something more than the same 4 questions over and over!
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    Yes! The ladies in my bmb are a little bit snarky and are PROUD of it! I like to come here for peace. With all the multiples in my bmb I would think there would be more here!
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  • I don't even look at my BMB anymore, I have a enough drama in real life! I do love the advice I get here and everyone seems normal.
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    The bump in general is snarky as hell. I was much more active with DS1 and there was so much drama. Sure, it's entertaining to a degree, but it gets old and it's not fun after a while.

    This board has been so un-bump-like, in a good way! Supportive and informative and classy ladies. :) Very refreshing.

    Agree with pps, it might be nice if it were more active. Maybe more posts not necessarily multiples related? Getting to know you type stuff?

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  • I agree with all that's been said! I don't even really look at my monthly because I like the multiples board better. Good idea to maybe start some getting to know you threads or something fun like that?
  • i was just thinking the same thing! I haven't been on the boards for a while, but I just found out i am prego again (ideally this time with a singleton ;) and went to the first trimester board- those women were so mean and awful, I think i will stick to my nice multiples board. multiple mamas have no time for drama and are some of the nicest people i have ever met!!!
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  • I agree and admit I'm shy to post here because of the nastiness on the monthly but I just started checking in here and it feels different for sure. I'll try to post to contribute to the activity :) thanks ladies!
  • Yay! Thanks ladies for chiming in! I just hate that feeling of walking on eggshells. I don't get that here. :)))
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