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Houston Hospitals or Birth Centers?

Hi Mamas!

I'm a first time mom.(4 months pregnant) Just wondering,How much did your birth cost? I have no insurance so I might have to pay cash.Any good hospitals or birth centers you recommend in Houston?I'd love to hear your experience :) 

Thanks in advance! 

Re: Houston Hospitals or Birth Centers?

  • I live S.E. but I heard Texas Children's hospital is the best place as far as specialists and doctors for delivery. I was admitted at Clear Lake Medical Hospital. It's hard to say since the bills come in pieces and depwnds on hospital, dr rate, etc. My room expense was about 23k for 4 dys. My c-section was 3-6k. The babies expenses approx. 1-3k. This is from what I can remember, but add on pathology, etc.
    Just know that some pediatricians don't go to the hospital when you deliver. And most OBGYN only deliver at 1 or 2 hospitals.
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