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Anyone else have PPD?

I just had my newborn a week ago and am feeling mild depression. I didn't think I'd develop PPD but it's been a struggle to deal with. I just feel down all the time and feel like crying constantly. And I am constantly thinking about death of my loved ones, and am really worried about SIDS. It takes a lot to get myself together. Anyone else feel like this?

Re: Anyone else have PPD?

  • I was a mess my first week home. I don't think I was depressed, but emotional as hell. I was crying constantly, but they weren't little 5 seconds of tears. I would cry for a good 5 minutes. I still feel out of whack. I started crying last night for a few minutes over something my DH said. He's like 'I can't say anything anymore without you crying'. I tried to explain how out of whack my hormones are and I can't help it. I don't know if it's PPD or not. I just have a fear of making a mistake with LO. I think I'm just trying so hard to be a perfect wife/mom/person that it's overwhelming me, and I'm not sleeping enough. LO is, but I'm not! LOL! I haven't gotten everything balanced out yet either, so that is stressing me out big time. I'm about 75% there though. 

    Check out the post from PP. Good luck @xolisha! You can PM me if you just need someone to talk to and get your emotions about and not be judged:)


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  • The first couple weeks they say it's normal to be emotional. They call it the "baby blues." It's after a few weeks is when they say PPD can hit. I am personally coping with PPD - still after 3 months. I am on medication for it now. It's the first time I've ever been on meds for emotional instability and I'm finding them helpful.
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  • I know how you feel. I went through this 3 years ago and it was AWFUL! Pure AWFUL! As soon as my DH left for work in the am and the door closed behind him I felt so alone. I felt alone when I was around people.I felt desperate to feel better and did call a therapist. I did go for a bit and that helped but I think what ultimately helped was getting involved in moms groups. There are so many now on Facebook or if you look around there may be some in your area. I just had my second and was so fearful I was going to go through this again but feel better bc this time around I have so many mom friends to keep me occupied and I am more aware of events/activities to do with kids.

    Looking back I think a lot had to do with sleep deprivation and not eating well, no energy, no desire to. I also had trouble with BF so I am pretty sure that was added stress. Once I started sleeping more and being more involved with a moms group I started to slowly feel back to myself again. 

    Like pp said, baby blues is pretty normal along with a million other hormonal changes but if it lasts a while do seek help. I think I felt the worst between weeks 4-6. After being evaluated I was told I was on the line of a mild case of PPD. I was offered medication, I took 1 or 2 and decided I didnt want to be on it even though it was safe and I slowly got better. And it really did. I never forget how I felt in those days but YOU WILL get through it. The newborn stage is so hard. Some people love it but I really enjoyed it when my son started to talk and do more,etc. I felt more scared and unsure of what to do with a newborn. I hope you feel better soon and I really encourage you to seek out other mom friends, you will quickly find that most moms are desperate for company while their going through what your going through. 
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