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OB-GYN Recommendations?

Hi everyone. Very new to these message boards. I just found out this morning that I might be pregnant. I took an at home pregnancy test and the line showed up very faint. I am not getting my hopes up yet, but I am starting to do some research in to finding an ob-gyn for the pregnancy and delivery. Does anyone have any tips on how to find a good doctor? Any ob-gyn recommendations? Is Kaiser any good? I've heard very mixed reviews about the hospital in Hillsboro Oregon and wanted some opinions. I wish I could ask friends for advice, but I don't want to tell anyone for at least a few weeks. Thanks!
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Re: OB-GYN Recommendations?

  • Hi Alicia.  Congrats!!  I hope the good news is true!  :)

    I'm new to OR and had no clue how to find a good OB-GYN.  I just met with my doctor for the first time at The Portland Clinic, and found out I was pregnant through the routine blood tests. 

    My doc recommended Women's Health Associates where 217 meets 26.  Seems like there are a lot of OBs there and it is directly across the street from St. Vincent's.  I've read a few good reviews about the midwives at St. V's.  They probably wouldn't schedule you in until you are 8-12 weeks, unless you have special concerns.
  • Hi Alicia! My OB is at Women's Health Assoc. It's a large practice w/ excellent staff. I'd totally recommend them. Also, very convenient if delivering at St V's across the street.
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  • Love love love Women's Health Associates in Tualatin - my OB is Dr. Kelly. I also delivered at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital - LDRP is in the same room. Staff was amazing. Highly recommend both.
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    I am going to Women's Healthcare Associates too. However, I chose a midwife. I am seeing Megan Madsen and she's awesome! Although, you get whoever is on call for your birth, so you see a lot of different providers during your pregnancy. I dislike this aspect, but seems the norm across practices these days. Overall, I really love Women's Healthcare Associates though! The staff is so nice and helpful, and the office has good parking, with two u/s units (so you can get in for an urgent u/s in about 5 minutes, which actually happened to me). They also offer evening appointments. St. Vincent's is also a great hospital to give birth in, with a great NICU unit. It actually has the largest NICU in Oregon and the third-largest on the West Coast. 
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  • Another vote for Women's Healthcare Associates! I see Dr. Simpson, but Dr. Stull ended up delivering my baby which was fine. One of the midwives also checked in with me several times while in the hospital and I wish I could remember her name.

    I don't know where you live, but I live in Hillsboro about 5 minutes from Tuality but still made the decision to go to WHA and deliver at St V's. And I'm so glad I did.

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  • I know this is a little late, but I also go to Women's Healthcare Associates, and see Dr. Richard Hamilton off of NE Hoyt and at Legacy Emanuel.  Everyone there is so nice, they have many convenient locations, and the hospital delivery options are great, too!  I'm a huge fan and highly recommend them!
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