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Hi all, I have been lurking in this board for a while. This may have been posted about before but I couldn't find anything recent. I was just recently diagnosed with ppocd. I have started taking zoloft and was wondering if anyone else was taking it while breastfeeding? Is anyone else having anxiety because of it? Please share your stories! It will be nice to feel less alone.
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Re: Postpartum OCD

  • deanna1313deanna1313 member
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    I had a hard time with the Zoloft and side effects, but I was on it it for over a week while breastfeeding. My psychologist said it is fine and she breastfed two kids on it.
    I have PPD and PPA, but I'm trying to keep my OCD under control. I had a little issue with it while in college, but it's not bad now. It is a form of anxiety and I always had mild anxiety anyway.
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  • Ive had ocd since I was young. It wasn't until about 4 years ago that it got really bad and I decided to try medication and therapy. What i've learned is that you can't totally compare yourself to anyone else. I know that stinks....especially when you have ocd. What works well for one might not for another. Time and patience helps. I know it's hard to have that when your feeling so crappy. Just know your not alone. That helps me to a point. About zoloft....I just started taking it about 6 weeks ago. I am 15 weeks pregnant right now. I was really hesitant to take it at first but I've been feeling so bad that I had to start. I breastfed my 2 older children and felt so bad that I wouldn't be able to do that with this one. But, you can. I have read so much and it seems to be the best choice for the baby. I good friend was on zoloft while pregnant and breastfeeding and her son is fine. I am constantly questioning if its working or not. Uuugh...I wish I could just except it. I had major anxiety before I started so I couldn't exactly tell whether or not it gave me more. I think it did and many others say that it does. It's weird that it can exasperate the problem you are trying to fix. But, with these type of takes time to balance in your system...especially when your body is changing so much because of pregnancy. It's usually not a quick fix or a total cure to ocd. Oh..and zoloft is one of those anti depressants that is good for thats good. Your not alone...I know how much ocd can take over your life. Hugs.
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  • Thank you so much for sharing. It does make me feel better to know that I'm not alone in this. It also makes me feel better that people have successfully breastfed while on it. I'm just going to take it one day at a time. It'll be nice to have control of my life back. Thanks again ladies! <3
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  • flclflcl member
    OP: that's definitely the way to go... one day at a time.  Hope zoloft is working for you (it gave me terrible side effects) and just keep tabs on how it's making you feel.   GL!
  • Flcl...what kind of side effects did you get? I can't tell if Zoloft is making me worst or just not working.
  • Same. I've been on it a month and I dont feel much better. I definitely dont think it has gotten worse, but I feel about the same. :/
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  • Sorry... I haven't been on in a bit.  I couldn't sleep on Zoloft.  It also made me nauseous, dizzy and it gave me the shakes.  The side effects were bad enough that I didn't stay on it long enough to see if it made me feel better.  Have you ladies had any improvements with your energy, appetite, and other physical symptoms?  Those are the improvements you'll notice.  It can take up to 2 months for moods to lift.  Make sure you're communicating how things are going with your doctor (and if you can see a psychiatrist vs a family practitioner, that would be better.)  GL!
  • Thank you for your reply. I am seeing a phychiatrist. She has been my doctor for four years now. She's been trying to help but it just seems like there isn't much she can do since I am pregnant. I've never had much help with ssris in the past. I question them constantly so maybe I don't allow them to work...but you know weither they are making you better. And right now I just don't know. The nausea and , headaches did go away...I guess my mood has gotten somewhat better. I'm not having massive panic attacks but i'm still scared that I will have one thru out my days. I think it's hard to read since pregnancy can bring some of the symptoms that the medicine can bring.'s just a really confusing time.
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