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Fort Collins, CO anyone?

DH just applied for a position at a new hospital in Fort Collins, CO. I'm kind of like woo hoo, this could be an adventure and on the other hand I'm like, but my mom is here who will I go shopping with?

Anyways, has anyone ever been or does anybody live in Colorado? I've never even been to CO. I know he has only applied and he still has to be called for an interview and what not, but I want to move soooooo bad.

Re: Fort Collins, CO anyone?

  • We aren't going to move unless he gets the job. Wish we could move anyways. If we visit I will totally PM you. I want to visit and check it out.
  • Is there shopping close by? Do you get all 4 seasons?
  • I hope we can at least visit. It sounds amazing.
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