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Thanksgiving birthday!

Hi everyone!

My daughter will be one on Thanksgiving!! I'm having a hard time deciding on a theme.  I want to make it a special day for her, while observing the holiday.  I am also at a loss as to what gift is appropriate for a 1 year old.  Since she's so young, I know that the idea of gifts isn't important to her.  I'm thinking one educational toy and one "fun" toy. Thoughts/ideas?  PLEASE HELP!


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  • The theme of my daughter's first birthday was bugs because she had a bunch of caterpillar toys that she loved.

    We gave her a pop up tent with a tunnel and ball pit balls. We also gave her some stuffed Disney princesses.

    She received from other people:
    Clothes in bigger sizes (which is awesome because she can use them this year)


    Wagon for her dolls

    Vtech shape toy

    Vtech alphabet toy

    Musical train

    Cd for in the car

    Hope this helps!
  • My Daughter was born on Thanksgiving last year so this year her 1st birthday will be on the friday after Thanksgiving.  

    I also struggled a bit with the birthday theme given the holiday is so close, but I ended up picking "teddy bear picnic" as our theme.  Mostly because my mother has a TON of teddy bears that she uses to decorate her house for the holidays and I knew she would be bringing them out soon.  

    I don't know that you need to make the theme of the birthday tie into Thanksgiving, but I wouldn't make the theme "beach party" or something that is very far removed from the holiday/time of year. 

    Good luck!

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  • My son was born on thanksgiving last year also. We are having his bday party the week before so his theme has nothing to do with the holiday. Honestly, I never even thought of incorporating it until I saw this post. Haha
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