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2nd Trimester

A bit overwhelmed....

This is my second pregnancy. I have a wonderful, VERY ACTIVE almost 2 year old and I'm due on Dec. 26th!

This pregnancy literally is the series of rare problems pregnancy and I am always on edge! When I got pregnant, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer-we're close so it was dr. visits and morning sickness! Then on July 1st, I had to have emergency surgery for an incarcerated uterus because I literally could not pee. The baby wasn't growing in the proper spot so they had to manually-vaginally and other ways, lift him up inside me to grow. This is after I lost 12 pounds due to morning sickness. Then just last thursday, I had to go to the E.R. because I passed out after having a stomach bug. Apparently my iron is so low that I have to have Iron IV infusions for 3x a week for the rest of my pregnancy (13 weeks) and see a hemotologist (blood specialist). My regular ob/blood screenings have increased to every 2 weeks too. I live 40 minutes from my dr/preferred hospital and have a kid. Good thing I am a stay-at-home mom because work would hate me. My parents and husband are wonderful supportive people but I just feel  caught in my head. I've become so anxious and scared. Being told, "we will have blood transfusions ready for your delivery" does not make you look forward to delivery. My dad had his surgery and now we are waiting to see if he needs chemo/radiation. 

I don't really talk about it with my family and friends because I don't want to freak them out. My doctor even hugged me yesterday-not normal for him! Just wanted safe to say "this pregnancy has been awful!!!!" without being judged. I know the end result will be wonderful and I can't wait to meet my son in Dec.-apparently he's actually growing quite well :) Thanks for letting me bitch a bit. I NEEDED it!!!! 

Re: A bit overwhelmed....

  • Well I am sorry you're going through such a rough time at the early stages and with your father. The best advice I can give you is to just take everything one day at a time, take deep breaths, and try not to stress yourself out!

    Good luck with everything!


  • A counselor might be a good idea. I talked with one when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It's nice to have outside perspective.
    You can totally rant here too. Sometimes you just got to get it off your chest.
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  • If it makes you feel any better all csections moms have blood on hold just in case. Try to relax and not worry.... No matter how horrible your delivery experience may be, nothing will even matter anymore once you have you're beautiful newborn in our arms :)
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