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Induction with vbac?

Anyone have a successful vbac after being induced?

My doc wants to induce me with a foley bulb and a light dose of pitocin if I hit 41 weeks

Re: Induction with vbac?

  • Lucky you!!  I am begging my dr to give me a foley ball.  I had 2 inductions with this type of induction and LOVED it, worked amazing and is all natural.  My last baby was a csection so I am going for a vbac and she refuses to give me a foley but will break my water.  I can tell you a foley ball works great.  I am getting induced next week!  Good luck

  • I have not VBAC'ed yet, but my practice plans to do the same if I need to be induced at any point.
    PM me for blog link!

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  • I'm trying for a vbac too and my OB has me set up for an foley bulb induction next Thursday. Hoping to read some success stories to put my mind at ease :)


  • I had a light dose of pitocin. My water broke before I started having contractions, so they wanted to get me started. I did end up rupturing which I know is a tad more likely with pitocin induction, but with the low dose I had (2mg?) I am not sure how much of a role or played really.
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