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Hello ladies. I have read many posts and found some very encouraging information!

My DD is 20 months and I am 20w1d pregnant. I am attempting to have a VBAC. I had an emergency c-section with DD due to a few factors. I had polyhydramios (too much fluid in the uterus) then my BP went crazy high so they had to induce me a week early. They put me on oxytocin, and I had wicked back labour and got an epidural.  Well I stopped progressing at 8 cm, and only half of my cervix fully thinned out. After 4 hours with basically no progress they called the OB (I was using midwives) and he gave me one extra hour, had me attempting to push but nothing. So I was given an emergency c-section. Now I'm totally at peace with what happened with my section, hubby got to be in the room, right after the baby was born my midwife cleaned her up and let hubby hold her so I could see her and "snuggle" with her. (it's hard to snuggle when your restrained due to surgery but whatever) I had a decent recovery, no issues what so ever. But since I was diagnosed with failure to progress my success rate is around 70% due to all the factors, according to my midwives right now. They are totally supportive of me doing a VBAC. But it kinda freaks me out, I've never gone into labour naturally, I have no idea what to expect and it scares me a little right now. The policy for my hospital is that you need to come in shortly after you've started labour and you need to be hooked up, thankfully they have some wireless monitors so you're not strapped to the bed. And they put an IV in and plug it so that if anything horrible happens you're easy peasy to get into the OR. So I am relived b/c I was told if my BP gets high, or if I go overdue I will most likely not be induced. I think being induced scares me the most. It was just really painful and didn't feel natural at all.  Well I look forward to reading your stories. I like reading both sides, I think it gives me a good idea of what can happen. I'm trying to be realistic and not assume that everything will work out the way I want it to.
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  • I had a C-Section with my first son and am hoping for a VBAC this time. Good luck to you! Let us know how it goes!!
  • Hello! Congratulations on your daughter and good luck with your VBAC!  Hopefully you will go into labor without induction this time.
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