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Video Baby Monitors for Twins! What to get?

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I've been looking at two camera video baby monitors... I am having a hard time finding what I'm looking for... and it may not even exist! 

I'm looking to spend less than $300, preferably less than that. And I'd like a monitor with the following features:

Tilt/pan capabilities
Good night vision
Two cameras (or one camera and I can purchase a second camera to go with)
Has a monitor screen but can also be used over WIFI for viewing on our iphones

I love the Foscam security cameras, I just hate that there is no dedicated monitor screen with those. I also looked at the Summer monitors, which would do everything I want. But, to get the wifi capable camera and add a second camera is close to $400. And I was hoping to find a cheaper option. I would even be happy to get two separate baby monitors. If I could find a single camera baby monitor that has wifi that was reasonably priced so that I could buy two of them. Does anybody have any other options?

Re: Video Baby Monitors for Twins! What to get?

  • We are considering webcams with good night vision so that we can watch them from our computers, iPads or iPhones. Then we'd have a simple audio monitor as well.
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  • I'm looking for same thing as you are (minus the second camera). I also wanted the handheld monitor, but there just don't seem to be a lot of good options. We have the summer infant WIFI one on our registry now, but it doesn't have very good reviews. My friend also suggested doing the Foscam -- they use an app with it and then an old iPhone as their "monitor," which maybe could be a good solve for you if you have one laying around or can track one down from a friend? I'm considering that now, seems a lot cheaper than the summer infant and the Foscam cameras seem to be pretty good quality! 
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