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Stupid cups...

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This may seem like an unimportant detail, but it's aggravating me and I would like some opinions.  The party rental place I ordered tablecloths and cups and saucers from for the shower called me last week to let me know they are out of business and won't be able to provide them.  Was glad to get the call rather than find out the day of!

A friend has loaned me some tablecloths (yay friend!), but the cups are a problem.  The only other rental place nearby told me 50 cups and saucers wasn't really worth their bother, and that I should call the day before to see if they had them available after providing for their "real" orders.  AS IF!!! (Trust me, I am spreading the word locally about this place!)

So, what to do about cups for coffee/tea?  I hate the thought of disposables, but is a good quality paper or eco-friendly foam cup okay?  It's not in the budget to buy china cups.  I know I am totally overthinking this, but I am up the HERE with this shower!  Thanks again all!

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  • I don't live in the area where the shower is, and don't really have any affiliation with a church or know anyone here that could help me out with that.  One of the churches I looked into to have the shower at even wanted to charge  extra to use their dishes, tables, chairs, etc.  The rental place in the town where the shower is has pick-up/return times that won't work for me, plus their prices were really high.  I'm stuck!



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  • Thanks for the reply!  The favors are taken care of unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, lol).  I was looking at cups and saucers at the thrift store, and it would still go way over budget for the number  would need :(  Love that idea though!
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  • Have you tried I bought some really nice plastic plates there for my wedding. We used them for the cake only. I know they have coffee /tea cups too.
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  • TBH, if I saw 50 coffee cups AND SAUCERS sitting out at a shower, I'd probably LOL. I dont' know... well, I guess if the theme of the shower is tea party? But if it isn't - I actually hardly see coffee/tea served at showers in such high amounts and I haven't seen saucers used ... well, pretty much anywhere ... in the past few years. In people's home or out at a restaurant. 

    I'd go w/ a nice paper/Styrofoam cup.  I wouldn't blink at this.   

  • And to add - in this day and age of Starbucks etc, I think people might like having cups they can take with them so that they don't HAVE to finish the coffee at the shower.
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  • Decide if it's more important to be matchy (go with paper) or pleasant to drink out of. If you don't mind an eclectic look, just borrow from all your friends/family/neighbors.
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