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Nursery feels stuffy and it the humidifier?, there is hardly any furniture in my baby's nursery ( crib, bookshelf and a recliner) but it feels so warm and suffocating. Do humidifiers make room warm ..I have a regular walgreens sort of humidifier ( I don't know what is warm / cold..I know there are different versions). All I do is fill it up with filter cold water and switch it on. It is so damn warm as if ... It's all vacuumed without any airflow. Oh I also have small table fan switched on to help circulate some air and the door is half closed. Any suggestions? It's a room over the garage ( if it makes any difference).

Re: Nursery feels stuffy and it the humidifier?

  • A humidifier can make a room feel warm and stuffy because it's increasing the air moisture in the room. Humidity raises the heat index because there's more water already in the air and that means when you sweat, you don't feel as cool because it takes longer to evaporate.

    Maybe try turning off the humidifier for a bit and see if you notice the difference? I also probably wouldn't run the humidifier constantly either just because the more water in the air the higher the risk of mold if the room isn't aired out regularly
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