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toddler boys underwear

So DS is slowly learning to potty train. I bought him Thomas the train underwear as he's a big fan. Recently, he asked for Spongebob. I thought what they heck, if it gets him to use the potty,etc. I am on board. I noticed he scratches his rear-end a lot when he wears them. The material does feel rough and I am guessing bc many of those character pants are cheaply made. Anyone run into this issue? Do you recommend softer brands of underwear. I am just afraid if I buy different brands he will be bummed out without the characters he really likes. Sounds crazy I know
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Re: toddler boys underwear

  • Yes, I have the same issue with the character underwear. They also leave red marks around his waist and upper thighs. I have tried buying bigger underwear too but it doesn help. The Carters or Calvin Klein ones are great and you can get them for cheap at TJ Maxx. They have cloth around the elastic bands so they dont dig into the skin causing rashes. However, they are not character underwear. :(

    Good luck!!

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