Wow, Joan Rivers has died. — The Bump
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Wow, Joan Rivers has died.

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I can't even believe it. She was the youngest 81 I had ever seen......sure she was prickly and offensive but she really broke the mold for female comediennes back in the day. 

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Re: Wow, Joan Rivers has died.

  • Yea this was a little sad. 
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  • So sad... I loved her fashion critiques!
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  • RIP to a true Viper image
    Haha very true. She always laughed at herself! It's just so weird, you start to feel like you "know" these celebs, you know? Sad for the family. 
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  • So sad! And I have a heavy heart for her daughter, Melissa, who had to make the decision whether or not to keep her on life support. It's a lose/lose situation. I hope they're all at peace since she's no longer in pain.

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  • Totally. I mean I watched her on fashion police and stuff but I was for sure affected by Robin Williams. I've never been a big "celebrity" person (FI knows more about celebs than me) but his death seriously bummed me out.

  • What?? I thought she was doing better?
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  • So sad. I loved watching her on Fashion Police. She had the best sense of humor. 
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  • srcr2011 said:
    What?? I thought she was doing better?
    I *think* (though I'm not totally sure) that we assumed she was doing better because the family kept it very private and all that was really released was "she's in a private room, they took her out of the medically induced coma" but that really doesn't say anything about her regaining consciousness. Ykwim? I can't imagine making that decision to remove someone from life support, so sad for Melissa. 
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  • So sad! RIP!
  • So sad...I loved her sense of humor.  She definitely was a true viper!

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  • So sad, gonna miss that crazy old biatch.  :((
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  • I figured that when they said they moved her to a private room and were "keeping her comfortable" that it was bad news... That's usually what they say when someone is going downhill, it's all you can do really.. 
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  • So sad and so sudden despite her age. I felt like she had so many years left. I love reading at the tweets and comments from so many people... She seemed like an amazing and incredibly funny woman. RIP Joan!
  • I heard this on the radio on the way to work and cried. I love her!
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