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Because you are having twins....

do people think that you are in desperate need of items?

I kept most of the big ticket items and things that I really liked from my first because I knew I wanted another child. For some reason, I'm getting a lot of family and friends insisting that I take their baby items even though I don't want them - either because we have enough or I know I won't use the item. These are not my first and I've already trialed and error-ed what I do and don't like. All I continue to hear is how I am going to NEED them because these are twins and most of them are telling me they are giving me the "boxes" anyways.

Re: Because you are having twins....

  • I second the take it all and donate if they're good friends. These are our first and we were given so much clothing that my two haven't even been able to wear some before outgrowing it. If not good friends I just politely say no if I don't need it. I totally hear you though, people are very generous when they hear you're having multiples. I just look at it as a good problem to have!
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  • I guess I have a couple of reasons for really not wanting the stuff. I don't even know where I'd put the stuff we don't need or won't use. We don't really have much room to store anything. The twins won't even have a closet because it is currently used as storage and we don't have anywhere to put that stuff so everything for them has to fit into a long dresser or Ikea storage bin system. I've also been burned a couple of times with lending items and once someone emailed to tell me that I ruined an item that they left over and wanted me to pay for it (we had no pets, before kids, and the only time the item was touched was upon return).

    Sometimes I have a hard time finding new owners/getting rid of stuff that I have and I just don't want to have to be responsible for someone else's stuff.




  • Although I was/am very grateful for all the support we've gotten, and we have taken people up on a lot of things, I don't have any issue politely telling someone we don't need something (but thank you very much for offering!). I think lack of storage is a perfectly valid reason for not wanting to take on more "stuff."

    If they absolutely insist or go out of their way to get it to you, then I'd accept and try to pass it along to someone who really needs it.

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  • My hope is that they don't actually bring anything over...the one person that is giving me a house full of toys cannot seem to get the exersaucer back to me that she borrowed almost 2 years ago. I've declined all offers (3) so far but I don't know if they think I'm kidding or what but the word no seems to go in one ear and out the other.

  • I wish I had this issue! Gifts are not pouring in, we are pouring out the money! We got some great things at the shower, but a lot of it has been left to us.
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  • Our friends have been very generous, primarily with clothes. I'm am just very clear and politely decline anything but clothing, and only if they don't want it back. I am not stressing myself out figuring out which clothes belong to who. Any clothes I haven't used I've passed on to other friends or donated to the thrift store in town.
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